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50 Cent & Antoine Fuqua Starting New Production Company To Develop Action/Dramas

50 Cent & Antoine Fuqua Starting New Production Company To Develop Action/Dramas

Renaissance man (rapper, producer, actor, etc) Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson is reportedly teaming up with director Antoine Fuqua to start a new production company.

Another partnership for Mr Cent who already owns and operates his Cheetah Vision Films production house, with producer Randall Emmett – a the company that you may recall, in collaboration with Lionsgate, sealed $200 million in financing to produce 10 films, all of which we’ve covered on this site (those that have been announced anyway).

He and I are developing a company together,” Jackson said last week, speaking at the Aruba International Film Festival, where his Mario Van Peebles-directed sports drama, Things Fall Apart was screening.

Screen Daily says the films produced under this new partnership between Fiddy and Fuqua (they should call their new production “Fiddy & Fuqua” :))will primarily by action dramas – a territory Fuqua is intimately familiar with.

No further details are available on this deal yet, so stay tuned…

But Fiddy did reveal a few other items of note: that he invested $2 million of his own money into financing Things Fall Apart, which I didn’t know; and, unsurprisingly, the film will be released straight to DVD in the US; also, he said he wants to work with Oliver Stone and McG, and has met with both recently (not sure what that last part means – whether he just met them recently, or whether he’s met with them about working together on projects); and lastly, he still hopes to eventually work on the Abel Ferrara Jekyll/Hyde project which stalled last year (recall Forest Whitaker was supposed to co-star along with Fiddy but dropped out).

As I’ve said before, I may not care at all for any of the films the man has made thus far, but I can’t knock his hustle. He’s doing what many of us have said we wished more black folks in Hollywood would do – taking the initiative, creating, packaging and producing his own films, and getting them into the market place. One can only hope that in time, the quality of the films he produces will match his business strengths.

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Maybe Antoine will start paying his child support to his son who is 8 years old. My friend has been battling in court because he is a DEADBEAT DAD!
His son has been suffering because of all his tricks

So good Luck on this new business venture! God Bless You.

Dankwa Brooks

I totally agree with the last paragraph above as well!


Excuse me while I shake off my raincoat. I just left the post on Beyounce’s addition to the Academy of Motion Picture, where some of our friends are dropping a bucket full of dirty salt water on our black sister.

So after reading the preceding comments(in this post), I’ve found myself on freshly fallen white snow, untrampled by the dirty footsteps of some who live at the intersection of Pessimist and Can’t Get Right Lane.

Love is a many splendid things and optimism is the sweatest elixir.

I totally agree with everyone’s comments.


Hopefully Fuqua will straighten 50 out and show him the ropes.


Thanks for the on point summary of the last paragraph of this post. I’ll be praying for quality in the near future as well. Not sure why Things Fall Apart went straight to DVD. It didn’t look that bad.

Nadine Morrison

The talent and chutzpah this gifted man has is mind-boggling, particularly when you grasp that he invests 2 million of his own funds. Obviously, the sky is the limit. I would love to see him work with Martin Scorsese, Stephen Speilberg – and Quentin Tarantino. The average shlepper may not be able to envision this but it is certainly in the realm of possibility. Nadine


I dont like his films but i respect his hustle and the fact he keeps trying. in time hopefully he will put out better quality movies.

Miss Me

Yes! May the quality of his films get better!


Scary, but smart… Now if only more black film artists, up-and-comers to A-Listers, take notes from these guys.


They usually don’t match his business strengths. That’s the sad and most disappointing fact.

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