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A Eulogy for The Chicago Code

A Eulogy for The Chicago Code

I watched the Chicago Code for Jennifer Beals. I watched it because she played the Chicago police superintendent which made her the highest ranking female on the force. I continued to watch it for her battle of wills with Alderman Gibbons played wickedly by Delroy Lindo. I liked it because they made her a complicated character and as the first female and bi-racial leader she did have to be better than the guys and above reproach. I loved how she worked with her former partner Jarek Wysocki to try and bring down the bad guys. I loved that she didn’t care that people all assumed that they slept together. I also loved that some of the great young actors from Friday Night Lights are continuing to play cool parts like Matt Lauria did on this show.

But boy did I hate the ending.

Beal’s character Teresa Colvin turned down a date with an FBI agent because she thought that people would get the wrong idea and that they wouldn’t be able to separate their work and personal life. Ok. Whatever. But then she shows up at a bar in a local hotel all dressed up and literally picks up a guy from out of town who clearly has no idea who she is. For a woman who spent the whole series worrying about appearing above reproach could she really think that a one night stand in a Chicago hotel even if it was with a tourist would not get found out in some way is ridiculous. Was that what they were going to go with in season two (if they had one?) And aside from the fact it pissed me off personally, that that was the way wrong image of this strong woman they left us with. I’m all for women being flawed and real characters and figuring out how to have sex lives, personal lives and work lives, but this was a complete sell out in my book and made me so angry.

Did anyone else watch it or was I the only sucker who walked down that lane for 10 episodes?

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I did watched all episodes because the previews look good and the actors playing in it were all good ones. But the ending was for me good and not so good because it would have been nice to see that Teresa Colvin was getting some with that super nice looking guy! Even if she was liying for me it was adding some spices in her secret life. Too bad the show got cancelled maybe the season 2 would have more sex scenes with Jarek’s girl friend & Beals pick it up some hunk in bars LOL! Sex sell so more people would have watch for action, drama & sex! That was what was missing in Chicago Code!


Totally agree. Seemed sad and out-of-character.

Linn D.

Melissa, I loved this show. For me, it was because it was so well written in addition to having a fabulous female lead. Ironically, Ms. Beals character having a moment of fantasy pretending to be a tourist (and possibly have sex) bothered me much less than the episode where Ms. Beals’ sister expected her to lie and have no integrity to protect the brother-in-law. That scene bothered me much more (that they didn’t show how one sister could have such strong morals and the other one basically have none). I think a grown woman gets to do whatever she wants. And I do not see how a one night stand with a tourist is nearly as much a conflict of interest as getting involved with a colleague. I do not see what the press would really be able to do with that. I’m SO SAD this show got canceled…

@lmn – If I understood your post correctly (which was rather challenging as you chose not to punctuate it) I believe you stated you do not think “Glee” is a good TV show and furthermore that somehow being gay or a “faget” as you wrote – means something bad. I’d respectfully request you rethink that position. If you’re a fan of Ms. Jennifer Beals, then surely you’re aware she was on the TV show “The L Word.” Which dealt with homosexuality. If you’re a fan of Ms. Beals, perhaps you can reconsider since she appears to be okay with people who are “fagets.”


Sorry I just had absolutely no interest in watching the show simply because it I knew wouldn’t even match Ryan’s The Shield was I was hooked on. Never missed a single episode.

Even Ryan himself in an interview said basically that you just can’t really do a cop drama on network TV anymore. Too many compromises and cop-outs in order to make it suitable for network TV.

If the show has been on FX or HBO I definitely would have given it a shot


first of all if you watched it you see that she says at the end that shes going to DENVER NO MORE SUPER INTENDENT and theres nothing wrong with the way she kept the sex life out of it it was a good show and i wish they kept it going like i wish that they also kept going human target the good guys the event peoples taste in tv these days make me crazy GLEE realy there all fagets


I watched this show as well. That last scene was the only WTF? in the entire series. For all the reasons you mentioned. It really ruined that last episode because it was so ompletely out-of-character. *sigh* We’ve lost yet another intelligent show with a strong female lead.


100% right on the mark! Too bad Shawn Ryan felt like he had to bend for the “suits”. For the most part, in the series, the story and characters were so well crafted and played by the actors, and I mean all of them, not just Jennifer Beals. That ending with her in the bar was just stupid. But hey, what do I know… Oh well, I guess we’ll have to be satisfied with the excellent comedies out there like Modern Family and The Middle, and Raising Hope. And don’t forget, Jennifer Saunders is writing 3 new AbFabs due at Christmas this year. (Yeah!)


No, you were not the only one who watched the show. I watched each episode for the same reasons you noted.

As for the last scene, yes, I found it out of character. Also I thought that if her adversaries wanted to find out what she was doing, it would have been easy for them.

Sad that it was canceled. I really liked the show.


I thought it was a recipe for disaster and drama in season two – which won’t happen. It felt like one of those cliff hangers that get tossed in at the end of a season to keep people interested in what happens next year. It was manipulating the audience.

I also thought it was an incredibly stupid thing to be doing and that a character as savvy and driven as Teresa Colvin would never be able to rationalize a behavior like that.

But, damn, I wish The Chicago Code had been renewed for a second season! There is never enough Jennifer Beals in the world.

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