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Alice Cooper May Cameo In Tim Burton’s ‘Dark Shadows’

Alice Cooper May Cameo In Tim Burton's 'Dark Shadows'

A couple of things we didn’t know about Alice Cooper: he still has a pretty big fanbase even though he hasn’t released anything musically relevant in decades (nor has he been culturally relevant in that same span of time) and he’s sponsored by Mac cosmetics. Huh. Anyway, the musician and born again Christian may make a ghoulish appearance in Tim Burton‘s upcoming “Dark Shadows.”

The cameo was hinted at on Alice Cooper’s official website (via Shock Til You Drop) in a report about the musician’s gig in London on Monday. Johnny Depp himself stopped by the show, stepping in to play guitar on “I’m Eighteen” and “School’s Out” and the report closes by saying, “Johnny is in London working on the new Tim Burton movie ‘Dark Shadows,’ and Alice is rumored to have a cameo part in the film as well…”

Starring Depp, Jackie Earle Haley, Eva Green, Bella Heathcote, Michelle Pfeiffer, Helena Bonham Carter, Chloe Moretz and Jonny Lee Miller the film is a big screen adaptation of the cult ’60s show that centers on the playboy Barnabas (Depp) who breaks the heart of the witch Angelique Brouchard (Green) in 1752, and in her fury, she turns him into a vampire and buries him alive. When he reawakens in 1972, he returns to Collinwood Manor to find his estate and family in ruins.

No word yet on who Cooper might play — though the ’70s setting seems to suggest he could play himself in a comical scene with Barnabas getting reacquainted with a world that has changed drastically. 1972 marked the release of Cooper’s massive single, “School’s Out,” so that’s our best guess as to his role. Anyway, it actually sounds like it could be something potentially cool and clever but whether or not it will be filmed or even remain in the final cut is yet to be seen.

“Dark Shadows” hits theaters on May 11, 2012.

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Alice is still an amazing performer live and he has some really good material in the last several years such as The Last Temptation (as good as his 70’s stuff, Brutal Planet, and others. I have heard several tracks off the Sept.13th Welcome 2 My Nightmare album coming out and he sounds terrific. It is definitely worth picking up.


btw, “Alice Cooper is one of the most overlooked songwriters.”
Quote: Bob Dylan.


The person who wrote this has clearly never been to an AC concert! Lots of younger bands would kill to be able to rock an audience like this man does. Plus, about 20-50 current bands state they’ve been massively influenced by his “culturally relevant” work and his music.
I’ve seen him perform 5 times, I’ve been thrilled 5 times and I hope I’ll see many, many more of his concerts. And it’s not just the show itself – it’s music that bridges decades. You’ll meet grandfathers taking their grandchildren to the show, twens and thirty-somethings swooning for this old man, parents taking their 14-year old daughter to her first rock concert, mothers with their teenage sons, people between 10-70, and ME.


No sense talking smack on the Coop. We wouldn’t be where we are today in rock-n-roll if it weren’t for him. Learn some respect.


I’m sorry but who cares about some tired old man with no skills left


um.. he is “making” music still? (U sound like he stopped years ago) he never stopped???? Why is the story and a few ppl here saying he isnt making music? His latest album is along came a spider which yes came out in 2008.. Since 2000 he made 5 cds, a box set and a few greatest hits.. massive touring around the world and also has his own radeo station like mentioned earlier on 5 days a week and doing super well. To say he hasnt made relevant music is obsurb. The guy is 63 years old and does all this? How many ppl can honesty say at that age they can do this.. plus hes coming out next year with welcome to my nightmare 2… each there own.. weather u like old or new he is still a unbelievable musician and will always be. I love the old and new and at least the guy changed with times and not stuck with one kind style. No one can ever say they do not like even 1 alice song cause there all so dif to each other. get a grip Kevin!


1- I resent the idea that Alice has not made “relevant” music in decades. While there were a few turds when the industry forced everyone to do “commercial metal”, and I do not like his latest album except for one song, Alice has made some brilliant songs for several years. I guess he can’t ever hope to achieve the artistic apex of a Black Eyed Peas, or Lady Gaga, but many of the songs on all of his albums are clever, scathing, insightful and catchy. Some are basically a one joke bit, and after the twist ending they are harder to admire, but I have a hard time picking just one song per album to put on my workout mix. He is not infallable, but he at least does not make hypnotic catchy vapid dance crap that has lyrics that rhyme but make no sense. Mahzeltov.


As long as he gives a history lesson on the naming of the city of Milwaukee, I’m totally down for this.


The radio program, Nights with Alice Cooper, is the best thing I’ve ever heard on the radio, and that includes Bob Dylan’s show. Cooper is funny, has insightful stories on just about anyone (his first meeting with Elvis Presley is hilarious) and plays great rock music, stuff that normally doesn’t get played on radio. Doesn’t matter if he’s not making anymore music, he’s still a great guy.

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