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Amy Adams Joins Paul Thomas Anderson’s ‘The Master’

Amy Adams Joins Paul Thomas Anderson's 'The Master'

The wheels are now turning very fast on Paul Thomas Anderson‘s untitled religious flick, aka “The Master.” Yesterday saw Jesse Plemons, David Warshofsky and Laura Dern and earlier today we confirmed Swedish actress Lena Endre joined the cast. Now another long-linked name has signed on the dotted line.

Deadline reports that Lois Lane herself, Amy Adams, will take part in Anderson’s film before taking flight with Zack Snyder‘s “Man of Steel” later this year. Starring Philip Seymour Hoffman and Joaquin Phoenix, the film centers on Lancaster Dodd (Hoffman), who returns from WWII and starts a religion not unlike Scientology, taking Freddie Sutton (Phoenix), a former alcoholic, under his wing. Adams will play Mary-Sue, Dodd’s wife in the film, who acts as his caretaker and vigilant lieutenant. The role was offered last year to Reese Witherspoon when the film was initially gearing up to shoot, but obviously, that never panned out and frankly, we think Adams is a much better choice and fit.

Production begins on June 13th and we’re sure there will be bits and pieces of casting still to come.

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Scott A

Oscar nomination? A preachy religious movie that makes the movie-goer uncomfortable and bored…that makes for a good Oscar nomination these days? It would have to be a slooow year in the movie industry if so.



Um… Madisen Beaty?


why wouldn’t PTA reunite with Jonny Greenwood?


Is Robert Elswitt shooting this?


Clint and Carter are good choices but Carter seems sort of expected with material like this. I could see Jon reunite with PTA again.

Desplat just seems right. I didn’t expect he would provide such a different, unique sound for Fantastic Mr. Fox. I just feel he could pull off an amazing, creative, well suited score. Just look what unexpected Jonny Greenwood did when he worked with PTA.

Nik Grape

Jon Brion for the score!

Clint Mansell or Carter Burwell would be a dream come true.


If this is released next year it will fall in place for Adams to continue her Oscar nomination every other year..yay!

I prefer Amy over Reese also, but wonder what happened there? I need Reese to care more about her career…it hurts.


so, wich part it’s going to play Laura Dern now…?

Kevin Jagernauth

Let’s not get carried away with our bonerjams. I love Desplat as much as the next person but he’d probably be all wrong for this.


Judging by the new additions in the cast, I’m really glad this film didn’t go in production last year.
And now Amy is part of the cast, this film just gets better and better.

Good news prediction: Desplat scoring this film.

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