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Anderson Cooper: “The next time you’re about to text in a film, remember the Alamo.”

Anderson Cooper: "The next time you're about to text in a film, remember the Alamo."

OK, one more day of Tim League/Alamo Drafthouse canonization and we’re done. Probably.

No less than CNN’s Anderson Cooper has cited Tim League as a “great American hero” for his theater’s talk-or-text-and-you-die (or at least, you’re dead to him) policy, as illustrated by the now world-famous PSA.

On Tuesday’s episode of AC360, Cooper’s “The RidicuList” segmented highlighted his own dismay with the attitude illustrated by the now-infamous Drafthouse theatergoer who left an angry voicemail expressing her fury over being kicked out for texting in the “MAGNITED STATES OF AMERICA, where yer-you are FREE to text in a THE-A-TER!”

“Texting in a dark movie theater is like lighting a road flare,” said Cooper, whose segment also featured the Alamo Drafthouse’s prior PSAs that include the likes of Will Ferrell, Michael Cera and Danny Devito exhorting patrons to be cellphone-free inside the Drafthouse. (Ferrell recommends “a light taser” for those who don’t comply, while DeVito suggests cutting out their tongues.)

Says Cooper, “I think [League] should win the Nobel Peace Prize. Next time you’re about to text in a film, remember the Alamo.”


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The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema management made their point when they 1) kicked her out while 2) keeping her money. I really don’t have an issue with the theater’s policy. To quote the video, “Yeah, I was wondering if you guys actually enjoy treating your customers like a pieces of sh*t?” The creation of this “PSA” suggests: apparently so. After viewing a couple of the other Alamo Drafthouse Cinema “PSA” videos, the single difference is this one ridicules an actual person; the others are staged. If this were staged like the rest, or even included getting permission from the caller, then fine. But if it’s otherwise authentic as presented, then it’s a personal, unwarranted attack: the management made their point when they kicked her out, right?


Nothing like giving a smug arthouse theater even more license to be smug. So they took her money and kicked her out, fine, but congratulating them on humiliating her with a video featuring her drunken message is complete overkill. If you’re that much of a princess about seeing your movies in complete silence perhaps you shouldn’t leave your penthouse Anderson.

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