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Antoine Fuqua Still On To Direct Tupac Biopic

Antoine Fuqua Still On To Direct Tupac Biopic

Last week, director Antoine Fuqua’s plans to produce a feature length film based on the life of Tupac Shakur, seemed to have taken a blow, with news that he had walked away from that project to instead direct a boxing drama starring another rapper, Eminem, titled Southpaw, expected to shoot later this year.

It now looks like Fuqua is actually STILL very much involved in the Tupac film, and could very well direct BOTH films, as he’s long been Afeni Shakur’s (Tupac’s mother’s) choice to direct the film, and, per the LA Times, “ Morgan Creek has now responded with a stroke of its own. The company has made Fuqua pay-or-play — a piece of Hollywood lingo that means Fuqua will get paid even if the company doesn’t make the movie with him. Essentially, it commits producers to Fuqua and makes it on balance more likely a film will get made. A Morgan Creek spokesman confirmed the move.

As for casting… Fuqua’s intent to cast unknowns in the starring roles, even launching a web-based nationwide search, has been well publicized.

The 24 Frames further states that “Morgan Creek… has looked at several veteran actors,” although, “producers are leaning toward an unknown who has a similar look and background” to Tupac.

Stay tuned…

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J.Louie aka Young Makaveli

All Eyez On Me!!! @2pac BACK! The Official Gmix
J.Louie 2 Star In “Tupac” BioPic


No sense holding him back with ridiculous notions like the crazy idea that a man with Mr Fuqua’s obvious genius & skills cannot do two major projects at the same time.


Check out this in-depth film about the mysterious deaths of Tupac and Biggie.


My top pick for thre Tupac role is below. CHECK HIM OUT, HE IS THA BOMB and he look like Tupac.


Phew, that’s a relief, I thought it was canceled.

The Holly'HOOD' Actor

Young unknown actor capable of playing the lead!


This is good to hear. I am looking forward to the Tupac biopic. :)


Oh no Tambay, not again! I know you’re from the corners of New York but this Three Card Monte has to stop.

First it’s the negro unchained named Will, then Idris, then Ray Charles. Then, MulletLove is really a white guy and Forrest Whitaker is being replaced by Sergio! This has to stop. So now you’re telling us that Fuqua and Tupac’s momma have fallen in love so he’s getting paid anyhow?!

Please don’t tell us you saw Tupac on the block smoking a blunt with Biggie. But wait, so this little birdie told you that Antoine Fuqua got it like that. You know, juggling both movies at the same time. Damn, that’s some of that Suge Knight ganster shit. He got all the rappers under his wing.

But I am not going to hold my breath cuz something just ain’t right. I mean, I can see tommorrow’s post…

UPDATE! Antonine Fuqua Still On Top Of Southpaw, BUT.

Tambay: “A black bird told me something that knocked me to my knees. I just returned from seeing Hangover II, here in Brooklynn and Mike Tyson just happened to be there because he is being inducted into the Boxers Hall of Fame (here in NY). He invited me over to the ceremony so I went. That’s where my little black friend hit me with the news. Yep this didn’t come from Friedman nor Vanity Express, this came right from the negroes mouth.

Well, in case you haven’t heard, there was a huge blowup over Rocky/Sylvester Stallone being inducted into the Boxer Hall of Fame this weekend. Really, fist were flying and all types of foul name calling was going on. I heard ” yo mother didn’t mind last night” and “ain’t these your wife’s panties… nigga, whoop, etc,. There was some pissed off folks up in there. Seriousy, ROCKY?!!… and not Smokin’ Joe Frazier?!

Anyway, then the big bomb was dropped. The movie “Southpaw” is not about the southpaw Eminem, I mean, he’s in it, but the character is the son of Rocky. Yep. I heard they are going to annouce a name change in the near future”

So all you S & A fans can take that one to the bank and tell them where you got the news. ~ Tambay O.

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