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“Attack The Block” Star John Boyega Becomes Member Of Club Richard Ayoade Belongs To

"Attack The Block" Star John Boyega Becomes Member Of Club Richard Ayoade Belongs To

Congrats to Attack The Block star John Boyega for his listing on Screen International’s annual list of the UK stars of tomorrow, highlighting the year’s hottest new acting and filmmaking talent. I believe he’s the only talent of African descent mentioned on the entire list (both actors and filmmakers) of 31. You UK folks can correct me if I’m wrong about that (you can see the full list HERE).

Boyega joins the likes of actor/director Richard Ayoade who made the list a couple of years ago, before most of us heard anything about his feature film Submarine, which was released to critical acclaim earlier this month here in the USA.

So, what’s next for the young Mr Boyega? Well, according to his IMDB page, a drama called Junkhearts, scheduled to be released sometime this year; though he doesn’t have a starring role in it.

In my review of Attack The Block, I did call him an onscreen leading man of tomorrow, given his onscreen presence and resemblance to a young Denzel Washington.

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@Accidental Visitor-This is true. But still, one thing I have to have is hope & faith. Both are in short supply in this town & can get sucked from ya if you let it. I’ve had my dance with CAA & continue to flirt from across the room :-P

But this kid has the trifecta right now, he’s British (they’re hoping he can do an American accent), he’s in a hot film but no one really knows him (for that “discovered” factor) & he’s Young…did I mention he’s Young? LOL

If he’d done a bit more & was older, like Noel Clarke, he’d have a little harder road to hoe, which seems counter-intuitive but hey, it’s Hollywood. If he was on the radar a little earlier he’d be in HUNGER GAMES. But it’s all good, unless you’re a star or a musician, one thing CAA doesn’t do is black folks so this, at least in the short term, is aces for him.


He got the red carpet treatment during his two week stay in Hollywood, but I’m still doubtful of the type of roles he’ll be given. Seeing is believing and Hollywood shows me nothing when it comes to young, black male actors. Until it does I’ll remain skeptical.


Wow Tambay you’re right that kid does look like a young Denzel Washington. hmmmm


I second what Jug said.


CAA just signed him with exactly ONE credit. Should tell you something about the designs on this kid. Good for him!

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