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Attorney General Eric Holder Demands A 6th Season Of “The Wire” Or A Movie Adaptation

Attorney General Eric Holder Demands A 6th Season Of "The Wire" Or A Movie Adaptation

From the Washington Examiner:

Attorney General Eric Holder has something to say to the creators of HBO’s Baltimore crime drama “The Wire”: Bring it back. Holder gushed about the show, which went off the air after its fifth season in 2008, as he spoke alongside several of the show’s cast members Tuesday at the Justice Department. “Having looked at those clips again, I’m reminded how great that series was,” he said. “I want to speak directly to Mr. Burns and Mr. Simon, do another season of ‘The Wire.’ … I want another season, or a movie,” he implored… Holder and other government officials are touting the show because of how accurately it depicts the plight of kids who are exposed to the use, manufacture or trafficking of drugs in their homes. National Drug Control Policy czar Gil Kerlikowske (after asking the actors to sign his boxed sets of the series, naturally) explained that episodes of the show are used to educate people, including lawmakers, on these sensitive issues.

As much as I loved the series, I don’t think I’d want to see it back on the air in new episodes. It ran its course. It lived and continues to live on DVD and VOD, and I appreciated its run. But, no need to bring it back; definitely no need for a movie either. There are a lot of other stories that haven’t made their way to the screen (big or small) and I’d rather see resources put towards one of those instead.

Glad to know that our nation’s political and judicial leaders are fans too though :)

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{{{ We don’t need to see anymore “hood life” stories. }}}

This suggests we see a lot of that now. Truth is we don’t. We mostly see middle-class black people on the big and small screen (and the same thing can be said about white folks). Hollywood does not like addressing the part of America that is hovering around or laying below the poverty line.

And I don’t have a problem with more “hood” stories as long as they are well done. And that’s why “The Wire” is beloved. It was well done. I have gotten a million middle class folks in Tyler Perry flicks and yet I have yet to come across one well done movie by him. So to me it is all about the quality of the story, not the subject of the story.

Of course I too don’t think there is any need for any more new material for “The Wire.”


Holder loving the Wire is cool and all, but he needs to focus on real life and start pushing for prosecutions for the corruption that exists in police departments and other areas right now.

I’m sorry, but I’m not moved by the fact that he’s a fan of this show. OK, cool, it exposed you to all sorts of crime and corruption and street mentality in the urban areas, but what are you doing about it?

Some politicians rave about “The West Wing” and the Wire. They’ve been off the air for like 5 years now. Are they having any real impact on public policy? I’m not sure.

Dankwa Brooks

First of all I have to say The Wire was an EXCELLENT show and gave work to A LOT of black actors. Having said that, I agree with Tambay when he said-

“As much as I loved the series, I don’t think I’d want to see it back on the air in new episodes. It ran its course. It lived and continues to live on DVD and VOD, and I appreciated its run.”

As much as I loved the show it WAS getting long in the tooth and it was time for it to go. On the business side, while it had critical acclaim the show was NEVER a rating blockbuster for HBO comparable to Sex & the City and The Sopranos. It was also on the verge of cancellation every year it was on.

In my opinion, and really who else’s matters, (<~facetious…sorta) far too many shows overstay their welcome. Five years is a perfect time to tell the stories you need to tell and keep them fresh. I defy anyone to name a series that was at the top of its game more than 5 years.

Having said all of the above my MAIN pet peeve was that someone else was telling our stories. One actor from ‘The Wire’ said David Simon (creator/Executive Producer) knows the dialogue of the streets better than the streets…or something to that effect and I’m like GTFOHWTHBS! I’m sorry I can’t remember which actor it was, but it was a black one. I feel like our stories were pimped so that mainstream America can gawk at the plight of the poor, poor underclass.

Dankwa Brooks

@Lynn to get bold you have to use html


“Kenan and Kel” got a movie to finish the series, so “The Wire” deserves one too, lol.


There is always room for more season and stories. Are you kidding me? Masterpiece.
In Simon we trust.


@ Neziah said,

“Kenan and Kel” got a movie to finish the series, so “The Wire” deserves one too, lol.

I hate you for this. LOL! :)


Holder needs to “follow the money” like the detectives did on the show and direct his demands to HBO.


that is the beauty of being great writers and dealing with real issues. there are more than enough stories to keep it going. i would love to see where the kids are now. the best part about the wire was that it didn’t depend on one character. i miss it. i’m still working on ways to use it for my urban studies class…


^ I was about to say …but Bodie and Stringer are dead…but then I realized the rest of your ideas , lol

“The Wire” without Snoop, Prop Joe…OMAR!!! Idk..It’s too much to continue with

I loved the show sooo much. Definitely best drama ever, in the history of television and I’d always want more, but it’s been so long.

It was room for a 6th season, the creator/writer mentioned that it would’ve involved Latinos in the area and such but Idk. I’d only want it back so I can learn that Randy and Dukie’s life didn’t end up sucking so much, but that’s not how “The Wire” works. And with one of the original writers dead I definitely would be nervous to how it was revisited.


I don’t think we need a season 6 or a movie. I agree w/ Tambay the show was great and it should stay in DVD land. Other stories can be portrayed on TV or Film it doesn’t have to be about struggling Blacks living in the ghettos, selling drugs just to make a buck.

We don’t need to see anymore “hood life” stories. Oh, and Tamara how do you write in bold?



I don’t know that I could handle another season either. It was just SO GOOD but once you reach city politics where do you go?

I loved the layering in the narrative. It was as wide as it was deep and as tall. Great writing. GREAT writing.

But even if they revisited via a movie, what could they do?

The Adventures of Bunk & McNulty

Omar’s Recompense

Kima Becomes a Mommy

Lester(‘s Legs) Unbowed

Bubbles & “Bubbles” Take Manhattan

Avon, Stringer & Bodie: The Return

LOL…*cough* I heart this show. Truly.

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