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BET Lens On Talent Season 3: Enter Now

BET Lens On Talent Season 3: Enter Now

Three is the magic number this season on Lens On Talent. For the past two years BET’s critically acclaimed talent show has been spotlighting upcoming filmmakers. But this year LOT is switching focus and showcasing talent in the fields of fashion, dance and music.

A triumvirate of respected judges in each category will choose which artist has the talent, ambition and work ethic to excel in their respective field. Video footage of these individuals will be documented on in the “Ones to Watch” section and promoted virally. BET users will then be able to vote online for each contestant, with one winner in each category receiving a grand prize of $10,000.

The contest for the third season of Lens On Talent begins June 23 and ends on July 14.

The rest can be found HERE.

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How come I talk, when people are talking? I schould just listen first. That will answer alot. Im in a bad


Wow a contest to win 10,000. I would enter it, but I’m confused. We have two minutes to perform a song. The rules state sponsors create the list of songs we can perform. How come I can’t finlld the list on your website?


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Hustler in my chest:

bottles of patron:



Definitely agree with you James. It actually strays from the original intent of the show…in my opinion. So what happens to the “filmmaker” showcase? Too bad.

James Madison

It would have been great to continue this with filmmakers because those other shows already exist, more or less.

If they wanted to treat it differently, they could have gone behind the scenes, documentary style, of the individuals creative process and/or the making of the film(s)

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