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Charlie Day Wants To Head To ‘Pacific Rim’

Charlie Day Wants To Head To 'Pacific Rim'

Can you say “comic relief”?

Variety reports that on-the-rise comic actor Charlie Day is in talks to join Guillermo Del Toro‘s mega monster movie “Pacific Rim.” Of course, many people already know Day from his work on “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” but he’s making his mark in movies too, stealing scenes handily in the otherwise tepid “Going The Distance” and getting ready to earn more laughs with his turn in the upcoming “Horrible Bosses.” No other details on his role, except that he will be playing a (probably hilarious) professor.

Day joins the already cast Charlie Hunnam, who is set to play Raleigh Antrobus, who along with his brother, pilot Jaegers, enormous building-sized robots constructed to fight off the malevolent creatures, driven telepathically by a pair of specially-trained pilots, working in tandem. Idris Elba was recently said to be sought out for a role (but he’s also weighing “Django Unchained“), with Alexander Skarsgard apparently turning down the film due to his commitments to “True Blood.”

Production on the film get underway this fall; no release date has been set.

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The role really isn’t humorous. At all. This is a pretty serious film, so it’ll be interesting to see what Charlie does with it.

And Skarsgard would have definitely played the role of Raleigh’s brother Yance (both he and Hunnam are blonde, tall, etc.)


He’s probably playing Newt Gotlieb in the script.

I imagined someone taller, but I could definitely see it now.


Del Toro often plays the populist filmmaker game. If he feels the flick needs a comic relief character he won’t have any issues rewriting the script to allow there to be one.

fanny bunz

wow. if it’s the role i’m thinking of, it’s a pretty big one, and not entirely that funny – but i’m sure it would be re-written for him. that’s exciting at any rate. Charlie Day is in need of a big breakthrough.

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