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Classic TV Show Casts Reunited (Photos)

Classic TV Show Casts Reunited (Photos)

I thought this would make a nice parting shot… lifted from Kiss My Black Ads:

Brian Doben photographs the casts of classic tv shows The Cosby Show, The Facts of Life, Family Ties, and Welcome Back, Kotter for People magazine. The casts reunited at the 2011 TV Land Awards and were photographed backstage by Doben. People’s original concept for the shoot was for the casts to be photographed as if they were in a photo booth. However, instead of the usual white background, a darker background and larger set was used to make the images more dynamic.


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Keisha is just sooo damn beautiful. The woman on her right is looking good for her age too (I’m assuming she’s the second oldest).

In fact, everyone looks nice. I’m happy to see that they are all doing well and decided to come back together to celebrate the good times.


@ Jmac

I agree I mean where is she?? What I would like to see is a Different World Reunion. *Sigh* Oh the good old days.

Geneva Girl

The black folks look great. Kim Fields looks fantastic. Lawrence Hilton James looks good. The Cosby cast looks wonderful. I didn’t even miss Lisa Bonet until I saw the comments.

Thanks for this.


Great concept for a photo shoot, everyone looks so happy and I LOVED all these shows. Keisha and Tempestt are so gorgeous, and I’m digging the photog’s work on his website too.

RIF Zeus: Kim Fields is on the Facts of Life shoot on the attached link and she looks great also.


This photo just made me SMILE!


Well, you know Lisa, sell out extraordinaire.


Well, every family line’s got to have one odd sock…


And again Lisa Bonet is MIA… After all these years you’d hope they’d buried the ax by now.


Nice pic. :)

FYI…Kim Fields ain’t in this pic and never was on the Cosby Show and Lisa Bonet ain’t no damn sell out.

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