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Yesterday, COLLABORATOR’s Martin Donovan shared a bit about his experience writing and directing his first feature. We thought it might be nice to share with you our first try at a poster. It’s our international version, set for our world premiere in competition at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival. Let us know your thoughts.

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Jhun Salas

thanks for this sharing it really makes me smile knowing that they are other people like you who is doing a good job.

Jhun Salas

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nice poster site


Your description of this film as Donovan’s “first feature” as a director sent me back to IMDb to bolster my intended contradiction of that claim. But it would seem that the Martin Donovan who directed “Apartment Zero” and “The Substitute” is not this Martin Donovan. Doesn’t the Directors’ Guild have rules about this? How can one know for sure, in looking at the poster, who actually directed it? (Not that I presume you’re incorrect, only that from now on when I see a poster for a film “directed by Martin Donovan,” I’ll have no idea who it’s referring to.

Michael Anderson

The top of the poster is in conflict with the bottom, but there they are. Joined at the title. It’s a good balance. Either end could survive without the other, but serve more purpose when combined. I think the tag line clarifies the pic., gives some flavor of the context. Expecting dry wit from this one.


Wow, I absolutely love the willingness to share and receive critique!

Overall, I love the design elements of the poster. It tells me that the film is aesthetically sound and meticulously directed, visually, at least.

It definitely gives off a middle-aged man-ish vibe, so a bit of profanity, disillusionment, and eventual self-discovery? It also gives off a slightly dark undertone, so maybe a little loss, pain, death?

The tagline does not help; it actually confuses me. The image suggests something dark, but the tagline is pathetic, playful. And I’m not a fan of it being (ultimately) a quote from the Rodney King beatings. At least here in LA, we have overused this quote in times of confrontation and it’s not funny/witty anymore. But not sure about it’s use globally.

Finally, though I personally don’t really care about this, it might be argued that the image does not suggest a story, i.e., what the film is ultimately about. It ultimately suggests characters and their plight, but not really about what happens.

Thank again for the opportunity to be helpful and blessings to your film!


David Geertz

About layout.

1. By placing the title in the exact center of the page you are asking people to make a psychological decision as to where in fact it is placed – below or above the center. This has been proven to make people confused and distracted, thus make them feel less inclined to ‘like’ your artwork.

2. The tagline is too small

Other than those two issues I really like the color, and the two well known actors on the front. I sense that this film is going to be sarcastic in its tone?

my .02 cents

Douglas Chang

Always happy when I see David Morse in a film.

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