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Confirmed! Jamie Foxx Is Tarantino’s “Django” And Kerry Washington In The Mix For “Broomhilda”

Confirmed! Jamie Foxx Is Tarantino's "Django" And Kerry Washington In The Mix For "Broomhilda"

Well… confirming what we reported earlier this morning, the news is now mainstream, as Variety just reported that Quentin Tarantino has indeed chosen Jamie Foxx to star in his much talked about slave/revenge project, Django Unchained.

I already shared my thoughts on the matter. I think Jamie is a better choice than any of the previous candidates; but I’ll qualify that by adding that my opinion is based on the script I read. As some of you have already pointed out, what currently resides on the pages on the screenplay isn’t necessarily what the finished film will look and feel like. So, all I can really do from here on is wait and see when the film is released in late 2012.

In addition to the Django, there’s his woman, Broomhilda, who is captured, tortured and raped by her white slave masters, and who Django spends much of the script trying to find, after they are separated early in the story, via slave auction. So, who’s up for that role? Not the actress that immediately came to mind after I read the script. Variety says that Kerry Washington has met with Tarantino for the part; though, she’s reportedly one of a few actresses in the mix.

If she’s cast in the film, it’ll be a reunion of sorts for Foxx and Washington, who starred in Ray together.

As we already know, Leonardo DiCaprio is on as the sadistic slavemaster Calvin Candie, Christoph Waltz will play Django’s friend and mentor, and Samuel L. Jackson is also expected to play Stephen, Candie’s house nigger right-hand man.

I should also add that, in addition to Will Smith and Idris Elba, Variety says that Tarantino also considered Terrence Howard and Chris Tucker for the part of Django, before offering it to Foxx. As you can see, that’s quite a diverse group of actors there, who play a variety of “types.” It’s a wonder how they’re all up for the exact same role, isn’t? At least to me.

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Although I was initially rooting for Idris on this one…I’m not down with the typical black male emasculation that’s bound to be part and parcel on this film. And Kerry better not touch this shit.


This is a bit of a disappointment for me, to be honest. I’ve never seen Jamie Foxx give a decent performance to date as of yet. Perhaps that’s just me. But from what I’ve heard of Django’s story so far, he still seems an odd choice. Isn’t Django supposed to be quite closed off, the strong but silent type, if I may use that cliche? Foxx can’t keep his mouth closed. From his real life persona to his films, I’ve never seen him sit quiet and look reflective once, which is making me already quite doubtful as of the outcome of the finished film. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see…

Dankwa Brooks

First of all, comedy is harder than drama. If a good comedic actor gets into a role he can be really great. For that simple fact alone I wouldn’t have minded if QT chose Chris Tucker, if he thought Chris could pull it off.

Second, Terence Howard is a really great actor. He was PHENOMENAL in ‘Hustle & Flow’ and besides the excellent Alfred Molina he was the only good thing about ‘Law & Order: LA’. I think he would have done a good job as well.

As far as the Broomhilda role. I’m one of those people who didn’t think Halle Berry degraded herself in ‘Monster’s Ball’. I think the role and the story called for that scene. Don’t get tit twisted, I’m a man and the scene was crazyhot, but I think the movie succeeded on so many other levels. I’m not crazy about the rape scene in ‘Pulp Fiction’, but I believe it belongs in the picture. ALSO, the nudity and rape scenes could be shot strategically without being graphic. The rape scene in the book ‘A Time to Kill’ was graphic as hell, but the director of the film scaled it back. “Yes they deserved to die and I hope they burn in hell!” Sorry I HAD to say that.

I think Jamie Foxx is a talented guy and given the right role he will do well. I’m excited by the casting thus far.


So, it would be similar to her role in “The Last King Of Scotland”? She’s come a long way since then, this seems way too degrading a role for her now, Tarantino should just cast an unknown black actress.


When will Kerry Washington have the time to film her role? She’s booked on a tv series. Unless they intend to film next year.


Terrence Howard is a very good actor. As far as I’m concerned he has far more range than Foxx. But perhaps Foxx is better suited for this role. I don’t know. As for the whole light skinned thing….folks must realize that not every lightskinned black slave worked inside the Big House. If there were not roles for them in the home and there was work to do outside, well then that is where they would be. Especially males. A lot of acres needed tending to after all. That being said maybe Howard would have made a better fit for the Samuel Jackson role.

Not happy with Foxx but he is a better choice than Chris Tucker who deserves nothing after going into hiding for about a decade and refusing to do any movies outside of Rush Hour sequels.

As for Kerry Washington….if the role is as limited as people mke it out to be then I don’t understand why she would touch it.


hehe That pic of Jamie w/ this article is funny.. “yeeaahh I got itt!! *fist in the air*


I have to believe Jaimie was Quentin’s third choice after Will and Idris turned it down.

I’ll still check it out in December 2012 though.


[sigh] I like Kerry so I’m a bit dissapointed that she is most likely going to be Broomhilda.

blah blah

Nope. Not feeling Fox in this role.


I don’t know why so many people hate on Terrance Howard so much he is a good actor.

And yet this role is not good for him at all plus he is way to light skinned to be a field slave.

Chris Tucker? really lol it’s been years since he made a movie he’s a joker not a serious actor Chris Tucker would have been a disaster.

eileen dover

I hope that the role of Broomhilda is re-written as it has been reported by bloggers that read the leaked script that not only is the Broomhilda character tortured and raped but the character spends most of the film NAKED while all this is going on. They report in the script circulating around the net, a naked Broomhilda is chased through hotels,whipped, covered in mud,locked in a cage. The character is even raped in front of her husband.

In other words, this role does not seem fit for Kerry Washington or any other black woman. It sounds like some racist and degrading BS.

So it is amazing to me how all these blogs are talking about how great this movie is going to be but little mention is made of the fact the lead role seems to be a major disrespect of black women.

I am glad some black actors like Will Smith are not propping this BS up.


@ T’Challa, LOL I’m with you.

John Story

I don’t think Tarantino is much interested in racial politics, or even understands them. He just wants to recreate the old blaxploitation films. A slave/revenge story from him will probably be similar to Kill Bill.

eshowoman, the cranky film critic

“Broomhilda is captured, tortured and raped….” Just how much of this are they going to capture for the sadistic viewing pleasure of mainstream audiences? Black women suffering makes good box office, black women in love, not so much.


First time posting but I must say…Kerry Washington as Broomhilda…oh hell no!


If Idris would have gotten the role, I’d be more interested.. I haven’t read the script , but from the reviews it feels like another movie where the Black man can’t cope/survive without the aid of his White mentors/saviors (a la The Blind Side). I’ll wait for it to leak…


Well, well, well. Miss Kerry Washington. Now this is getting interesting. But I’m glad Terrence Howard and Chris Tucker weren’t picked. There is NO way Terrence is Django. And Chris Tucker just isn’t quite right for this role.

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