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Confirmed: Naomie Harris Is In Talks To Play Bond Girl In Next “007” Movie

Confirmed: Naomie Harris Is In Talks To Play Bond Girl In Next "007" Movie

Well hot-damn! This has now officially spread like wildfire across the web over the last 12 hours, since I posted it early yesterday morning; even mainstream sites like Entertainment Weekly, Huffington Post, and many others have picked up the story. So, I figured I’d repost it, along with the fact that it has indeed been officially confirmed, posted here yesterday (reminding you of where you read it first), and later by others, that, yes, British actress Naomie Harris is indeed in talks to play the “Bond Girl” role in the next 007 movie, Bond 23. Though the actress is still mum about whether or not she’ll take the role.

You can catch up on yesterday’s updates below…

UPDATE 6-6-11: Received a message from long-time trusted S&A scooper, who’s based in London (EC Forde) that he spoke to Naomie Harris today about all this, and she confirmed that she’d indeed been offered a role in the film (didn’t say which), but she wouldn’t confirm whether she’d accepted. So maybe the tabloid News Of The World may not have been so far off after all; stay tuned…

ORIGINAL POST: Take this piece of news with skepticism… it comes from British tabloid paper, News Of The World, which is one of the many newspapers owned by Rupert Murdoch and his media conglomerate, News Corp. Celebrity scoops and “populist news” are its bread and butter; it’s somewhat like TMZ, I guess. They’ve broken a few stories over the years that turned out to be true, and are known for using unethical methods to obtain information.

So, this could be bullshit (they don’t list a source here), or it might eventually be revealed as fact. We’ll just have to wait and see; I’m sure I’ll soon be posting another entry that either confirms or negates this one. I like those odds :)

The spy who loved Naomie,” the title of the article reads; and within it, you’ll find this “PIRATES of the Caribbean babe Naomie Harris has jumped ship – and will shoot to megastardom as the new Bond girl. Naomie, 34, will be Daniel Craig’s sexy sidekick in the soon -to-be filmed new 007 movie.

Now, we already know that another Bond movie is in the works, to be titled Bond 23, which will see star Daniel Craig return. Production was initially suspended thanks to MGM’s financial troubles last year; however, all is apparently back on track, as the film is officially now in pre-production, and was officially given a US release date of November 9th, 2012.

Sam Mendes is attached to direct; and while it’s been confirmed that Dame Judi Dench will return to her role as M, and offers had reportedly gone out to Javier Bardem and Ralph Fiennes for starring roles in the movie, the now symbolic, maybe even coveted “Bond Girl” role is yet to be cast, with production scheduled to begin this fall.

Will it be Naomie Harris? *Shrug* Like I said, take this with some skepticism. I haven’t been able to verify it, nor have I found any “trusted” sites reporting it. And Harris won’t be the first woman whose name has been attached to the film and role; Frieda Pinto, Olivia Wilde, and even Meagan Fox have all been rumored to be in the running for the part over the last couple of years.

We’ll know for sure eventually…

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Why is Daniel craig bond, he’s so frickin ugly. He looks like an orc from world of warcraft. An orc with blue eyes.

Zainab Jah

I adore her! She’s talented, has gravitas, and were I a man, would not kick her out of bed either! Just saying.
However, if she’s simply got too much on her plate, I’d be more than willing to help out my fellow Brit Sis and tackle Daniel Craig myself; you know, for the general good and all that.


Naomie would make an excellent Bond girl. Very good actor, beautiful woman, and can do action. She was very good in Michael Mann’s Miami Vice movie.


I’ll be excited about this if/when Naomie accepts and if the role is a substantial one.


I guess I am not as excited as the other posters because the James Bond films tend to be kind of sexist against women. I wonder though? If Naomie is chosen will her role be a role of substance? I sincerely hope IF Naomie gets the part it is not just a small role but a huge important role and she is the female lead.


I certainly hope she’s the next bond girl.




This is good news. She’s got it all – beauty, brains, talent.

Dear Producers:

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let her have a steamy love scene with James Bond. Don’t wimp out! I feel like we never get to see beautiful black women do sensual scenes, even in love stories. Give us something steamy!

I’m not a James Bond fan, but if she has a big sexy part in this, I will buy a ticket for that alone.


re: the update: imagine being too busy to be a Bond girl, or wanting something more substantial!–Congrats for Naomie, loved her since 28 Days


This would be awesome, I loved her in the POTC series and 28 Days Later, she’s a much better actress than the majority of the ones that have already been Bond girls, she actually knows how to sink into every character she plays, great actress.

James Madison

Funny – I just saw The First Grader on Thursday.

It would be great if this were true. Naomie is a beautiful, talented actress with presence.

Frieda Pinto, is the only actor named outside of Naomie that has presence from what I saw of her in Miral. I honestly have not seen much work of the others and the films featuring Fox, in my opinion, focused on her physically, rather than as a “actor”.

If casting on the current Bond films stick to formula, they would be wise to go with Naomie or Frieda. The others have beauty, but Naomie has proved in her body of work, she possesses it all.

E Forde

I actually asked Naomie about this afternoon at an interview for the forthcoming UK release of The First Grader.
She stated she had spoken to the Bond people and was very please about talks but she could or wouldn’t confirm role.
I’d did get the impression that she’d do it but the role would have to be some substantial.
In fact she’s likely to be quite busy in the next few months.

Screen Nation

We love Naomi over at Screen Nation as she is a double Award winner. She is a truly gifted actress and would eat up the Bond Girl role. We are definitely rooting for her as it would be amuch deserved massive boost for her. If she doesnt get it then Genevieve Nnaji is our next surprise choice!


I don’t usually care for Bond films, but I’d love to see Naomie’s name out there more.


Please, let it be.

She’s amazing!


That would be awesome!
I just watched her in “Small Island”…she’s beautiful and talented! And her accent….very attractive!!
And if she indeed is slated for this role, give her a love-scene! They gypped her in “Ninja Assassin”.

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