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Do The Math: ‘Hunger Games’ Trilogy To Become Four Films?

Do The Math: 'Hunger Games' Trilogy To Become Four Films?

Can you smell that? It’s money. And Lionsgate is already counting the bucks that have come in for their mega-franchise “The Hunger Games” just as cameras have started rolling on the picture.

Deadline reveals that during a chat with Wall Street suits following the studio’s earning report yesterday, COO Joe Drake said “The Hunger Games” was “the highest-selling film we’ve ever had,” predicted that the series will be an “outsized success,” and boasted that the studio has the better end of the deals struck with both talent and distributors. That’s a lot of boasting bro. But the most interesting nugget from the piece is the news that the series will be “four action films that the studio will release from the trilogy written by Suzanne Collins.” A trilogy of four films? The math may not work, but we can’t say we’re surprised.

Studios wary of their breadwinner franchises ending and the lucrative money pot that comes with it have taken to extending the finales in recent years. Warner Bros. split up “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” into two movies and Summit did the same for “Twilight: Breaking Dawn.” So will “Mockingjay” get the same two-fer treatment? Yeah, probably.

Are fans gonna get tired of paying twice to see their favorite books-into-movies come to a close? We doubt it. Both Hogwart-heads and Twi-hards don’t seem to be too concerned about it, largely because the films are meeting their expectations and if Gary Ross and co. can deliver, ‘Hunger Games’ fans will be too absorbed in the movies to care about getting fleeced. And really, it would be worse…

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J Holder

Liam Helmsworth ugly???? Who in the world are you looking at??? My daughter actually likes Josh Hutcherson also… as far as him being short, the camera can do amazing things. The movies, in my opinion, never live up to a book and one's own imagination – but we will still go see them all, I'm sure….


They really shouldn’t count their chickens with 2 male leads that the fans hate. O.K. Liam Hemsworth isn’t bad but Josh Hutcherson is too short, isn’t blonde or blue-eyed like Peeta plus he is ugly. For a franchise that is based on a teen audience looks are important. This franchise could end up doing as poorly as The Last Airbender. It’s hubris to already be planning 4 movies.


In attempting to get a handle on this potential phenomenon, I’ve waded through some Hunger Games fansites and the websites of the glossy magazines that post stories on this movie. What I’ve found is a fandom that universally despises the casting, with a level of poisonous hatred known only to teen girls.

However, I sense some coming around on the issue of Jennifer Lawrence, with the set pics, although they still think she is too fat, for a character that is supposed to be starving. But the girls are still inflamed with rage over the casting of fugly males. Lionsgate made a huge mistake there. Twilight had two heartthrobs for the girls to sigh over. Almost all the girls keep commenting on how ugly Liam Hemsworth is and how plain and dumpy Hutcherson is. I did not expect how universally opposed they appear to be to Liam. Now, Hutcherson has always looked dull to me, so that one made sense. If the sexiest guy in the movie is Lenny Kravitz, this movie could be in big trouble with the young ladies.


I was adverse to the Potter split because it made some sense for a very long book. The Twilight split is a blatant cash grab since as far as I can tell, nothing happens in those books anyway.

But this is a terrible, terrible idea. There is just not enough material in the third book to warrant an additional movie. Also, don’t count your blockbusters before they’ve opened.


Can’t talk about Twilight stuff as I know nothing of the material, but splitting Potter made some sense (other than financially) as it’s a massive book, and we all really wanted more aimless wandering through a forest…

The final Hunger Games book Mockingjay? I’m sure is shorter than the second and has an awfully dour meandering ending, I can’t see the split being a pay off critically, but I guess with the money thing…

You know they screwed up ‘His dark materials (arguably the best trilogy of any fiction in the last 20 years)” so we may not see a second one of these movies.

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