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Don Cheadle Talks Miles Davis Project: “It’s Not Deep. It’s Not Serious Fare”

Don Cheadle Talks Miles Davis Project: "It’s Not Deep. It’s Not Serious Fare"

It’s still grinding. We’re talking about coming onto these films and trying to get the financing for stuff that’s not your standard, down the middle of the road studio movie fare. It’s tough. People think it’s niche, although our treatment of the script, it’s not a biopic. It’s not deep. It’s not serious fare. It’s not a cradle to grave sort of overview of his entire life. The movie takes place over a day and a half of his life — a very intense day and a half of his life but a lot of people haven’t even engaged because of what they perceive it’s going to be. They go “Oh, we don’t want to do a movie like that.” I say “Have you read it?” “No, I haven’t read it.” “Well read it and then say you don’t want to do a movie like that.” So it’s having to push through a lot of these things and confront people. Once they read it, they’re like “Oh, this is great.” So everyone’s really dying to be the second person to say yes and to invest in this film.

Words from Don Cheadle in an interview with Sheila Robertsat Collider, posted yesterday. Interesting, what he says about the project not being “deep”, nor “serious.” I’d have asked him to elaborate, because he then goes on to say that it covers a “very intense day and a half” of Davis’ life. Sounds like it could be “deep” and “serious” to me. But now we know a little more about the film that I don’t believe we did before – specifically about it taking place over just 1 1/2 days. Now I’m even more curious. I really do hope he’s able to get the money he needs to make the film.

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If I want to invest in this film, who could I contact?


No offense to Cheadle but he needs to get on with this already. There is nothing I hate more than an actor/director talking endlessly about a movie that never goes in front of the camera.

So there is a script, right? Then make the movie any way necessary. If it takes place over a period of a day that means the budget can be small, even for a period piece like this. Cheadle needs to take the cash he earns from mindless drivel like Iron Man 2 and help pay for the movie himself. If he believes in the project so much then why not go for it? Perhaps he can call his buddy George Clooney and ask him if he could help stitch together a list of possible financers.


I was turned off by the phrasing (I mean Miles is hip, but not farcical), but the rest of the quote makes it seems like he just means not heavy-handed and atrociously long like the usual godawful musician’s bio-pic. Seems like the exact approach advocated for here again and again.



Maybe he just means that it’s…clever.

Jeff Winbush

I’ve been jonesing for Don Cheadle to get his Miles Davis project off the ground, but I have to admit he worries me when he says it’s not “deep” or ‘serious.” What’s left then? A Miles Davis comedy with fart jokes and wife beating? Maybe this is one of the reasons Cheadle can’t find financing.

I’m still interested, but I’m a little concerned now.


Jazz is an acquired taste. Not everyone can sit through a Miles Davis album. In the same thought, one [investors] could assume not everyone can sit through a movie about Miles Davis’ life… because it’ll be “deep” and “serious”. It sounds to me like Cheadle is attempting to refute the preconceived notions about how they would approach this film.

A film depicting a day and a half of his live sounds very interesting, and Cheadle’s involvement alone lets me know there will much to appreciate with this work.

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