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Drake’s “Marvin Room” Is Really, Really Awesome

Drake's "Marvin Room" Is Really, Really Awesome

So it’s been roughly a year since I transitioned from the opinion “why is that guy from Degrassi rapping” to “um… do I kind of love Drake?” And now he has continued his winning streak with me personally via one of two surprisingly mid-tempo tracks he purposely leaked from his fall album “Take Care.” Entitled “Marvin’s Room” (for reasons I don’t quite get: enlighten me), it’s smooth, moody, and oddly catchy. Detailing with considerable vulnerability his quest for the girl that got away amidst his growing fame-related hedonism, for the past few days I’ve grown mildly obsessed with it. And that’s despite its genre, as mid tempo R&B generally repels me quite considerably. Here’s to Drake, for injecting some serious talent and innovation into mainstream music:

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I love this song, and Drake. The man is doing his thing, just being real. So pumped for Take Care, its going to be better than TML!

Marvin’s Room was the studio Marvin Gaye recorded in I think. It was known as Marvin’s room but it taken over by some label I think. So the title is just pretty much a shout out to Marvin Gaye.

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