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Dreamworks/Disney Move Up Release Date For “The Help”

Dreamworks/Disney Move Up Release Date For "The Help"

As if you were all dying to see it sooner, DreamWorks and Disney have moved up the theatrical release date of The Help – a film I doubt needs an intro anymore, given how much we’ve discussed it.

The Help was originally scheduled to open on August 12th, but the studios have moved it up by 2 long days, to August 10, which is a Wednesday. Odd isn’t it? I’m wondering what the reasoning there is. It’s not a holiday weekend, unless my brain is failing me right now. Though I checked just to make sure. The only holiday within reach is Labor Day, but that’s on September 5th.

Anyway… now you know. You can see The Help 2 days earlier than previously announced.

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They’re doing it to give it more of a head start in the opening box office numbers.

I noticed that studios tend to do that with movies that could be labeled “black”..

And even if it doesn’t do so well, they’ll proclaim it the #1 comedy-drama or something in trailers (though, that may just mean it’s the ONLY comedy-drama out that weekend).

Mr. Bubbles

Viola Davis is going to rock this production.


The Help was an excellent book and the film looks to be a must see! I am looking forward to seeing some Oscar worthy performances.


I’ve read both books and seen the film for Secret Life of Bees and I must say that “The Help” is riveting. It doesn’t hurt that it’s written by my sorority sister. It’s a very clever book and nicely written and if it is 1/2 as good as the book then it’ll be a beautiful film.


Love Emma Stone but even I am not to excited about The Help. Didn’t even give The Secret Life of Bees a watch. All the same to me. As for Emma I’ll check out FwB and Crazy, Stupid, Love.

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