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Dueling Snow Whites: Relativity Shoots First with No Title, Universal’s Huntsman Gets Rewrite

Dueling Snow Whites: Relativity Shoots First with No Title, Universal's Huntsman Gets Rewrite

Thompson on Hollywood

Relativity may be first out of the gate in the dueling Snow White competition, but they could also be the first to crash and burn.

Relativity starts production on their “comedy action-adventure,” Untitled Snow White (formerly The Brothers Grimm: Snow White), on June 20 (with director Tarsem Singh; release is March 16, 2012). Meanwhile, Universal is having screenwriter Hossein Amini tackle a rewrite on their Snow White and the Huntsman (with director Rupert Sanders; release is June 1, 2012). Amini wrote Cannes hit Drive, which is amped for its LA premiere June 17 at the Los Angeles Film Festival; he also did a rewrite on 47 Ronin, currently filming with Keanu Reeves and director Carl Rinsch. Getting the script in good shape could bring a greater advantage for Huntsman (cast photo below) than getting out of the gate first.

Relativity’s cast pictured above: Lily Collins (Snow White), Julia Roberts (Evil Queen), Armie Hammer (Prince Andrew Alcott), Nathan Lane (Queen’s servant, Brighton).

Thompson on Hollywood

Huntsman‘s cast pictured: Kristen Stewart (Snow White), Charlize Theron (Evil Queen), Chris Hemsworth (The Huntsman), Sam Claflin (Prince Charmant).

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You may be right, SWFan. If a film’s script needs to be rewritten too many time, maybe the film shouldn’t be get made at all. (ie. “Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever” has six rewrites.)


I’m really surprised to see Kristen Stewart’s SW movie getting yet another rewrite. Isn’t this the third time now? i wonder if now that they’ve gone so much younger with The Huntsman that they’re going to turn this into a full fledged love triangle since that worked so well with Twilight? Too bad Sam Claflin made such a weak impression in POC4. He has so little screen presence that people are going to want SW to end up with the Huntsman and not the Prince. That’s if anyone goes to see it, since it opens after the other SW movie and The Hunger Games.

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