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Ebert’s Tweet Was Right: Crashed Jackass Star’s Blood Level More Than Twice Legal Limit

Ebert's Tweet Was Right: Crashed Jackass Star's Blood Level More Than Twice Legal Limit

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Given that Jackass Ryan Dunn tweeted a picture of himself and pals drinking hours before he crashed to his fiery death early Monday, killing his passenger, it was not a huge stretch for Roger Ebert to tweet that afternoon: “Friends don’t let jackasses drink and drive.” It seems uncontroversial to me. The pushback was immediate, and a hot topic was born.

Now we know: Dunn’s alcohol blood level was more than twice the legal limit, reports The Washington Post:

In Pennsylvania, West Goshen Police Chief Michael Carroll said Dunn’s BAC was .196 at the time of the accident; the legal limit in Pennsylvania is .08, the Daily Local News reported. Dunn was driving his Porsche at a speed of 130 miles-per-hour when it skidded off the road, jumped a guardrail, and plunged into a wooded area, bursting into flames, police reported Tuesday.

Everyone made Ebert’s assumption that Dunn, 34, was soused to the gills. 130 mph? Had to be. Sure enough, he was.

Tuesday night Comcast/NBC/Universal network G4 wisely chose not to air the second episode of Dunn’s new series Proving Ground; thankfully, it may never do so:

In the show, “risk-taking” Dunn and “gorgeous” Jessica Chobot – G4’s descriptions — worked with experts, specialists and prop masters to re-create stunts seen in films, TV shows and video games to see if they could really work in the “real” world. You know, like spinning a web and swinging from it, a la Spiderman.

[Photo of Ryan Dunn courtesy Getty Images.]

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Ice Cap

Forget about the tweeting thing. All we really want to know is did Ebert give Dunn’s life a Thumbs Up or Down?


Dunn was a Class A jackass. Imagine being on the road at the same time as a drunken idiot doing 140 mph. Too bad he took someone out with him, but it could have been much worse.

Roger Ebert was right.

Tom Brueggemann

He killed another person (the passenger).

This is little different than if someone shoots a friend to death while engaging in risky play, then kills himself.

The moment to maybe get the message through to other jerks who might do the same thing is when the media is at its height.

I have zero problem with what Roger tweeted.

Had this jackass survived and the friend died, he’d be looking a homicide charges and prison time after getting out of the hospital. And deservedly so.


just because he was drunk doesn’t give Ebert the right to be an insensitive dick not even 24 hours after his death.

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