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‘G.I. Joe: Cobra Strikes’ Looks To Get Jinx With Elodie Yung

'G.I. Joe: Cobra Strikes' Looks To Get Jinx With Elodie Yung

While we sort of don’t really care about “G.I. Joe: Cobra Strikes” this writer likes these stories if only because it’s an excuse to look up the elaborate back story some dumb toy solider was given. It’s kind of amazing that somebody actually sat down and thought these out no matter how cornball they are.

Anyway, THR reports that Elodie Yung — probably best known for her turn in “District 13: Ultimatum” — is in talks to play Jinx in the upcoming sequel. So who is she? Get this. Jinx is a martial arts expert and Bryn Mawr graduate (lol) whose name is actually top secret (so how she got into school is beyond us) and was trained by a Blind Master in seven forms of fighting. She gets recruited into the G.I. Joe team by Snake Eyes.

Should all the ink dry, she will join Channing Tatum (Duke), Ray Park (Snake Eyes), Lee Byung-Hung (Storm Shadow) and Dwayne Johnson (Roadblock) in the film that is gearing up to shoot later this year. She will next be seen playing the girlfriend of Lisbeth Salander in David Fincher‘s “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.” Oh yeah, the other reason we like this G.I. Joe stories? Looking up the cartoon clips related to each character. Check out the below.

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Those ‘war heroes’ dropped agent orange and are responsible for the deaths and continued deformities of several young children being born even today ; they’re just war criminals to me. As far as I’m concerned, not enough of them died in Vietnam….

Erik McClanahan

You’re right, our mistake there. We made the change. Thanks Paul.

-Playlist editing team


Sorry @rabiman. GI Joe characters are not heroes, even if they are named after real people. Your indignation is misguided at best.

@Kevin, I think you may have swapped the roles of Ray Park and Lee Byung-Hung. I’m pretty sure the former plays Snake Eyes and the latter plays Storm Shadow.

The first GI Joe movie was pure garbage and the second is likely to be just as bad. But as a mid-30s American male whose favorite toys were GI Joe and Transformers (and MASK) I am contractually obligated to see these movies. I just can’t help myself. *sigh*


Kevin, I’m sorry that these people are your readers.


Many of the original GI Joe characters were named and created by Larry Hama, comic book writer for Marvel:

Many of the characters were named after Hama’s family, friends, and comrades who died during the Vietnam War.

Sorry these war heroes are too cornball for you. Hipster jagoff.

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