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Hossein Amini To Do Rewrites On Universal’s ‘Snow White And The Huntsman’

Hossein Amini To Do Rewrites On Universal's 'Snow White And The Huntsman'

There are two ways through life, the way of nature and the way of grace. Or in Hollywood terms, there are two ways to release a movie: rushed on a tight schedule, or finely tuned with a more realistic production. The battle between Relativity and Universal over their respective Snow White films has been ugly, with the former trumping the latter by moving their Tarsem-directed film all the way up to a March 16, 2012 release date — nine months from now and no, it hasn’t started shooting yet. Universal’s “Snow White And The Huntsman” is currently set just under a year away on June 1, 2012, with a comparably luxurious year to get it on screens. And it looks like they’re going to use that time wisely.

Deadline reports that hot scribe Hossein Amini has been brought on board to do rewrites on the film. His most recent credits include Nicolas Winding Refn‘s acclaimed “Drive” and the currently shooting “47 Ronin” with Keanu Reeves, and he also had a hand in one of the many Jack Ryan reboot drafts. Set to be directed by Rupert Sanders, and starring Charlize Theron, Kristen Stewart, Sam Clafin and Chris Hemsworth, the film is a retelling of the classic fairy tale which places the woodsman who is meant to bump off the titular princess front and center of the story.

This move seems to indicate a change in direction for Universal who seem to be saying disengaging from the pissing match with Relativity and saying, “we’re gonna get it right, go ahead and rush your movie out the gate.” As for Tarsem’s film, it’s still gearing up to shoot in Montreal and it will be under the wire with almost zero room for error. All eyes will be on the still untitled film to see if Relativity played it smart or gave in to their own hubris.

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Hunger Games will be a footnote about the time SWATH comes out which is the most anticipated Snow White movie out of them both. Lilly Collins? Really. Kristen Stewart’s SW will be a badass and she’s going to nail it on screen. With Chris Hemsworth and Sam Claflin, my goodness is it really any competition. Charlize Theron as the Evil Queen? Did you see Monster? I rest my case.SWATH all the way.




You guys are reaching here. I don’t see how this looks particulalry positive for Universal. Universal only start shooting in mid-August for a film releasing at the beginning of June. That’s barely more time for post-production work and also very close to the wire. Relativity’s “Snow White” has also had the benefit of a far longer active pre-production period.

Amini is apparently the second person to re-write this alongside Evan Spiliotopoulos (Nutty Professor and some straight to DVD Disney sequels) despite the fact that they have a cast, locations and production date set for two months way. Hossein Amini wrote the great “The Wings of the Dove” years ago but not much since (Four Feathers, Shanghai). The screenplay for “Drive” is one of the weakest aspects and if the multiple interviews your site posts with your man-crushes Refn and Gosling are to be believed there was a ton of deviation from that script anyway.

I just don’t get film studios. Why not just hire an original writer in the first place? They paid millions and millions of dollars for a script they clearly don’t seem to have much confidence in anyway. The Snow White and the Huntsman script is garbage though. Still can’t believe it sold for so much.


10 bucks they are going to turn the storyline into a love triangle. really though, which ever movie comes out first is going to be the so-called winner. i know in the past movie quailty played a lot, but does the world really want to see two snow white movies within the span of what 5 months? not to mention abc is airing a snow white tv show. its going to snow white overload.


really both of the snow white films have some major competition. one opens before the hunger games, and after john carter. the other one opens before madagascar 3, and after men in black 3.


The other Snow White doesn’t even have a title and it’s shooting this month to be released a week before the Hunger Games. Relativity has already lost. The Snow White and the Huntsman script was sold for seven figures. I’m not understanding why they would pay more than one person to rewrite when they could have just hired Hamini to do the script first. Universal’s Snow White has the best chance at success if they don’t shoot themselves in the foot. Beginning to think the other one is a bust.

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