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“I think It Was An Insult” – Winnie Mandela Opens Up On Jennifer Hudson’s “Winnie” Biopic

"I think It Was An Insult" - Winnie Mandela Opens Up On Jennifer Hudson's "Winnie" Biopic

Still no word on when we can expect the film to eventually make its debut; The trailer for the biopic, starring Jennifer Hudson as the titular character, and Terrence Howard as Nelson Mandela, was met with much ridicule and derision when we unveiled it last fall, to the chagrin of its producers, and maybe to the real Winnie Mandela as well – the woman whose life the film is based on, given her documented objections to the production of the film in early 2010, for which she was not consulted at all.

Jennifer Hudson actually never, and still hasn’t met the woman, which I find odd.

In the below very recent short clip, CNN sat down with Winnie Mandela, to talk about, amongst other things, the making of the film – specifically, her objections to what the film’s director Darrell Roodt (Cry, the Beloved Country) has described as “an amazing love story,” why she still isn’t supporting a film, and how she feels about Jennifer Hudson’s involvement.

And if you’re one of the few who still hasn’t seen the trailer, I embedded it underneath as well:

And here’s the trailer:

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Jennifer actually DID want to meet Winnie but the film’s producers told her not to.


This is truly amazing.

In 2011, with South Africa run by a a succession of three non-white presidents, with South Africa being the largest economy on the continent and with Nelson Mandela and Winnie Mandela still alive, these producers and director still felt they did not have to consult with the subjects of this film. It is very much an insult. I agree wholeheartedly with Ms. Mandela.

The reality is is they did not consult with her because they did not want to hear her story. They did not wish to hear truth. Instead they create a fiction wrapped around the public record and then will sell that ‘truth’ to the world. I certainly hope Ms. Mandela shouts very loud against this film no matter how ‘amazing’ the director feels his story turned out to be. As for Terrance and Jennifer, when careers are waning and good parts are hard to come by, actors tend to take what comes and ask questions later. To portray icons, living icons at that, YOU MUST DO RESEARCH. Shame on you.


People get a grip. Jhud understands whole heartly how Winnie feels about themovie. Jen took on the part for many different reasons and wanted to meet Winnie. Jhud said she sees how Winnie could feel the way she feels. Winnie herself could have taken a different apporach. Her story was sold, and was bought by the producers.


Well – we’ll see where this film goes. BUT – I would ask the makers: why wouldn’t YOU consult the living person? And as was mentioned perhaps Jhud should have insisted upon meeting with WM. Same old, same old.


How dare they make a movie about someone who is still alive and not consult with them? Means the film is totally fabricated and possibly full of lies.

New Horizons

The WRITERS and PRODUCERS should be ashamed of themselves for not consulting with Winnie Mandela. Obviously if you are researching someone’s life and the person is still a live it only makes sense to interview the person.

Ms. Mandela makes very valid points. I agree with her not holding ill will against Jennifer Hudson also. Although if Jennifer caught wind of this before the movie was made it would have been prudent of her to reach out to Ms. Mandela, too say the least.


It is ashame how you media peoples can twist up a story. Winnie Mandela has nothing against Jennifer Hudson. She made that very clear. Winnie real problem is with the producers from Africa, and the directors. The title of this article is misleading toward the Oscar winner. Jhud is an actress who is playing a role. Jen have always stated countless of times that she wants to meet Winnie Mandela. We don’t know what she was told, and neither does you.


Whew! People are so judgemental.


This “project” is a slap in the face to Winnie and screams of white privilege attitudes by the producers.

Disappointed Jennifer even took this project on. She should have insisted on meeting and talking with Ms. Mandela as a condition, like any other biopic where the subject is still living, or not take this project on.

I will not be supporting this “Invictus” like film.


It sounds to me like if they would have consulted with Mrs. Mandela, she would’ve set that Hollywood fairytale straight. It really is disrespectful to romanticize such a tumultuous occurrence with one of its key players alive to see it.

Those accents alone are an insult.


When you sell your story. The buyer has the right to do how he likes as long as the info is honest. Winnie Mandela has something she don’t want all to see are hear. Her problem is clearly not with Jennifer Hudson. Winnie made that perfectly clear. The rights to the story of Winnie Mandela was bought. People if you had a role as hugh and powerful as Jhud you would have done the same. Jennifer did nothing wrong. She is an actress and playing a role. I know she was great!!!

Duncan Manutz

Come on…GTFOH Jennifer Hudson as the Great Winnie Mandela. She’s a singer that got kinda famous from acting in a film as a singer….Now she thinks she has the acting chops to play Winne Mandela….that is an insult.

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