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If You Missed It… Listen To last Night’s Episode Of The S&A Livecast (Hot Topics Show)

If You Missed It... Listen To last Night's Episode Of The S&A Livecast (Hot Topics Show)

Another S&A live podcast last night and the S&A Crew sounded off on several topics, including

– Black characters in the X Men and Super 8 films

– Winnie Mandela on Jennifer Hudson and the “biopic”
– 50 Cent as Luke Cage…thoughts?
Naomie Harris as a potential Bond Girl

And more…

Listen below, or download HERE:

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But I do agree with you guys about SUPER 8. And to further illustrate it, what is this?!…LMBAO


Thanks James and good info Jmac! I’m going to check into it.


Guess I’m the bad guy. This podcast wasn’t the greatest. There was a good deal of armchair quarterbacking & a lot of ignorance as to how careers are built in the industry, black or white. Maybe because it was more about what we wish would be instead of what is.

Naomie Harris playing a “Bond Girl” is stellar for her career. I’ve seen many of the things she’s done, SMALL ISLAND, PIRATES, MIAMI VICE, NINJA ASSASSIN, and of course 28 DAYS LATER. She is amassing a RESUME, one in which people will take a chance on her. Yes, white actresses sometimes don’t have to do that, but MANY of them do. As for her not “agreeing” yet, we have no idea if she has or hasn’t. I can tell you, first hand experience (worked at networks/studios/production companies AND as an actor), sometimes it takes months to negotiate a contract. The “point” about Edi Gathegi in X-MEN..seriously?!? Are we really thinking that an actor, ANY actor, can just walk in & say “I want this re-written”?!? It doesn’t go down like that, even for folks like Russell Crowe, which has caused many a problem on re-writes, can’t always do that-see ROBIN HOOD. And you’re wrong, the biggest film(s) he was in were TWILIGHT 1&2, so he’s been on the franchise train before. And Marvel is notorious for low-balling even the STAR actors, so a WORKING actor like Edi-yeah, probably NOT his biggest payday. Maybe in ancillary funds (promotions, merchandising), yeah maybe. Maybe Sergio’s issue is that he STILL expects to see the black character die. If you watched more of the comic movies or even regular movies, there are more Black characters who survive than ever before. I’m not saying it’s completely different, but you ARE going to have Black characters die. Damn. You can’t have it both ways, first there were NONE, and now that there are, you find any excuse to make it an issue. Some things aren’t that deep. Zoe as a stripper…are you paying attention to what Jennifer Jones is wearing?!? They’re BOTH hookers.

In this ridiculously bad economic climate, not just in Entertainment but the country one can’t afford to turn down work unless it threatens the very core of their soul. And being the first X-MEN to die certainly ain’t it! And Sergio’s issue with comic books, it did smack of a grumpy old man. It’s one thing to talk about Archie & Jughead, but in the 21st Century you’re talking about books, and I do mean BOOKS, that are being written by screenwriters & authors alike. Often, like the one cat said on Sergio’s blog posting, comics have more complex & engaging storylines than most movies. Certainly more than Zane LOL With that one, I have to say he was out of his element.

The Bond girls dying…no career…hmm, let’s see, you mean like Gemma Arterton who nobody knew who the hell she was, DIED in QUANTUM OF SOLACE and now she’s in everything? Same with Eva Green who played Vesper Lynd in CASINO ROYALE. Nobody outside of the UK knew who she was and then did Bond, DIED and now has a great career. “Help me James, Help me James”…when was the last time you actually watched a Bond film? There’s a kickass woman and a archetypal female lead, pretty much since Timothy Dalton took over, definitely since Brosnan & Craig, often the archetypal one being killed, because they’re weak.


I do, however, agree about SUPER 8, but it is JJ Abrams (and I do have issues with these great shows he has and there are very few black characters & they do little to nothing), but here he’s making a movie of his childhood. If WE made movies about our childhood, how many of us would write a plethora of white characters? Some of us (myself included) would, but many WOULD NOT. I know we’re supposed to be concerned with issues of the Diaspora, but sometimes it’s like we’re Hammers and all we see are Nails.

And as for the whole 50 Cent stuff, I’m not sure what the discussion is? He’s a garbage actor, but a great deliverer of product. Just like Brett Ratner, bad director but he delivers serviceable product. And he’s the good time guy in Hollywood circles, party boy-so he works. And as much as we dog Hollywood for being about bottom line, they still want some sort of legitimacy to the things they make. Otherwise we would all be making porn.

Actually throwing his name out to be in anything is counter-intuitive to what is talked about on this blog. Same mentality as DMX, Nas & Ice-T & other non-acting rappers getting work, and who is to blame…all the people of color who go to see the movies. Trust me, they wouldn’t do it, if we wouldn’t go.

I agree about the discussion about indy films. The reason that these movies that tackle hard subjects like race, etc aren’t getting made, is because they don’t get you into Hollywood. And if you look back at Spike’s day, folks copied him because it was a business model to get into Hollywood. Spike did what he did because that was his art, his passion. but most folks want to work, and they copy what the next dude did to get on, have a career.

I know Sergio is a screenwriter and a critic, so he’s been around & knows the scene so I’m hoping many of his comment were more facetious than anything else. Wasn’t the greatest.

Damn I wanted to keep this short….I have a problem LOL


Nice show and another history lesson for me.

When Tambay asked about the first black bond girl I suddenly remembered a scene where a beautiful dark skinned exotic looking black woman was trying to push a blond scantily clad white woman out of a helicopter. Then it hit me – that wasn’t from a Bond movie. It was from that crappy flick Sheena. Saw that years and years ago and I loved/hated it. I thought that black chick should’ve been Sheena and I remember wanting her to succeed in killing Sheena. :)Up til then, she was the prettiest black woman I had seen on tv. Curiosity got the better of me so I imdb’ed the movie and found out black chick’s name is France Zobda. She’s been really busy since then acting and producing. I’m surprised there isn’t more information about her and we haven’t seen or heard much of her in the states. She’d be a great person to profile right now (the movie too) esp. since the Tarzan/King Kong movies are back in vogue.

James Madison

Good point made by Cynthia about approval..or even more so “fact checking”.

It is a process which unfortunately is in full effect with entertainment and news media.

Good stuff guys.


Been doing a little research, using my Netflix queue as my goto-visual library. Watched the following features:

-The Skulls
-The Covenant
-Deep Blue Sea

All contain (not surprising) predominantly white (anglo) casts. In some cases, black characters were second/third-tier roles and in other cases black folks were nil-to-none (to ambiguous) in other roles.

-The Skulls: Hil Harper starred. Was “Peter Bishop’s” best friend, but got kilt (plot-point) almost halfway through the feature.

-Centurion: Noel Clarke (plot-point) spoke of betrayal, then betrayed, then was left to die by the hands of rabid wolves in the upper interiors of Great Britain. There was one scene (plot-point, subtlety) where all the soldiers were in a cave huddled by a fire. All were “in the golden light” save for Noel’s character who was (strategically?) placed in less light and a different light (blue-cast).

-Deep Blue Sea: LL Cool J. He came, he saw, he cooked, he conquered, HE LIVED. And all the womenz died, including the female sharks.

-Timeline: guess it makes sense that few black peoples were out and about in medieval Angland. This cast was white as snow, save for the Frenchmen who got “got” (plot-point) oncet they yelled their way back in time.

-The Covenant: nary a black person in sight. Not even at the rave in the ridge where all rebellious New England teens go to “get stupid” with fire and brimstone (and the Belle witch’s fifth cousin, thrice removed). NARY A BLACK PERSON IN PRESENT DAY NEW ENGLAND? Hmm. Wait! There was one. And she was … a she! And she was … RACIALLY AMBIGIOUS. *blank stare* And she lasted until about the middle; was used as a plot point (and the object of a curse at the hand of Sebastian Stan…ooh, that rhymed)… but then Taylor Kitsch (neither female nor racially ambigious OR black) was also taken out of play around the same time. (The black girl and white guy were boyfriend and girlfriend. *raises eyebrows* That wasn’t going to last, nuh-uh, not at all).


I won’t go into the nature of my “research” in watching these features and I won’t beleauger my rambling any longer.

In most of these instances I see where we wouldn’t fit. Keep to canon, keep to history, most likely many of ‘us’ were not hanging tough on the shores of Normandy in 1066. Fine. I get it.

But then there’s the instances of modern-day depictions… in regions and places where we (by now) live, thrive, are alive, but it’s not reflected in feature-features.

And then there’s times where we stand at the end, sometimes alongside leading men(re: Deep Blue Sea) or women (re: Long Kiss Goodnight).

Most likely tho’ we just aren’t there. Or we’re there and then we’re made scarce early on.

It is perplexing…

It’s also perplexing that I’ve watched at least two Renny Harlin directed features in a row and mentioned another. What in the…? LOL


I look forward to your discussion. Am interested to hear what you have to say about these characters of color (black folk) being kilt early in the features. Or being used and/or depicted in a certain way… Okay. So I take my leave until then. :)

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