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If You Missed It…Listen To The S&A Live Podcast Season 2, Ep 10 (Career Comebacks)

If You Missed It...Listen To The S&A Live Podcast Season 2, Ep 10 (Career Comebacks)

So if you missed yesterday’s fantastic podcast with the S&A Crew, you can listen now. We talked about career comebacks and choices. Discussion topics included:

-Is Django Unchained a good fit for Jamie Fox and will it be the ultimate comeback role if he gets it?
-Can Dark Tide put Halle Berry back on the map?
-Has Idris Elba made smart career moves and can he really become America’s new leading man?
-Are there certain subjects, such as slavery, that are off limits to parody in a film?

Joining us on the phone were regular S&A readers James, Carey and Loupe. You can listen below or download the episode HERE.

Don’t forget to join us next week (Wednesday at 8pm/est)! We’ll be talking about interracial relationships on screen as well as Nicole Beharie.

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Cynthia said: “yesterday’s podcast was fantastic”

And since JMac’s comments were referenced in the show, she said: “Heck if I had known you were going to bring up this topic I would’ve showed up last night. I need to check in more often. Once I find the time to listen to the show I’ll see if there’s anything I’d like to add”

Sergio said: “Great show! Too bad I wasn’t able to join in”

James Madison said: “Had a blast! Great talking/discussing topics with Monique, Cynthia, Carey and Lue”

Now, I’ve heard it said that it’s a po frog that does not brag on his on lilly pad. So this po black frog has to agree; I too thought it was one of the better live casts. Of course my opinion is slightly biased but nevertheless, the conversations were spirited and heartfelt and disagreement was the wind beneath our wings, and er’body laughed and had a good ol’ time.

That reminds me. Where is the actor that goes by the name of Jug? Last week he came by and ripped us a new a$$hole in his critique of the podcast. I know, the truth hurts, sometimes, but is all good. I wish he’d come back and tell us, one-mo-gin, what he thought of the show.

I believe the cast will agree, I’d rather hear the truth, than lied to softly.

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