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J.J. Abrams On The Failure Of “Undercovers”: “I F*cked Up!”

J.J. Abrams On The Failure Of "Undercovers": "I F*cked Up!"

Not sure if he’s spoken publicly about the show since it was cancelled. At least, I haven’t read or heard anything… until now. I wish Howard Stern would let him talk instead of constantly interrupting him here. I really wanted to hear Abrams get a little more into what he was going for with Undercovers, why he thinks he fucked up, etc… Ah well… if anyone has any links to articles in which he talks about the cancellation of the show, please share. This clip is only 40 seconds long, recorded 6/14:

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Thank you JJ for having the balls to admit you fucked up. *Cheers*


I agree this could’ve been very enlightening if Howard had shut the f_ck up and let the man talk. It is sad that so-called journalists and interviewers these days are often more interested in hearing themselves talk than actually gaining any insight from/about their interviewees. Not you guys however. The interviews i’ve heard you guys do are great

Chris Hodge

I’m glad he was able to admit that he “fucked up”. I actually thought this wasn’t going to last and i was right…smh….


Undercovers, I think, was a reaction to the complaints people had about LOST, Alias, and shows like that. That they are too confusing, too complicated. I think he just wanted to do a fairly simply “blue-sky,” USA Network type show.


Damn, I miss listening to Howard. I listen to too much as it is, so that may never happen.

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