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James McAvoy Wants To Get In A ‘Trance’ For Danny Boyle

James McAvoy Wants To Get In A 'Trance' For Danny Boyle

Update: Fox Searchlight has corrected Variety’s story telling us James McAvoy is up for a different role than the one Michael Fassbender was circling. There is no word yet on whether or not Fassbender is still involved in the picture, but fingers crossed the duo reteam for Boyle’s film.

Looks like Magneto has been foiled yet again.

Variety reports that James McAvoy is in early talks to star in Danny Boyle‘s “Trance,” subbing in for Michael Fassbender who was previously in talks but dropped out. The thriller will tell the story of an assistant at an auction house who masterminds a heist and teams up with a gang of thieves only to suffer a blow to the head and wake up with amnesia. As the only person who knew the location of the stolen painting, the assistant is then subjected to analysis from a hypnotist as the gang begin to suspect duplicity. McAvoy is eyeing the role of Simon, the shady gang leader who partners with the assistant.

The plan is for Boyle to start production on the film in September. Then we’ll wait as he will transition over to his Olympic duties where he’s acting as one of the creative heads for the 2012 London festivities, before returning to the film a year later around August 2012 to edit and prep the film for a 2013 release. So it’s a long wait, but we’re certain it’ll be worth it.

For McAvoy, it will mark a very busy rest of the year, as he shoots the Brit crime pic “Welcome to the Punch” this summer before moving over to the Danny Boyle film.

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Allan Pacino

Oh I wanted to see Fassbender in this role! replacing him with James McAvoy – who is quite good – in that particular role is a bit hard to swallow. In the meantime…


How nice it would be indeed if every role played required the actor’s personal look to telegraph the role being played well in advance of the film. It would be also be that much easier to follow in the two minute previews that endeavor to give the whole film away.

Mr Anonymous

‘Shady gang leader’?

Take a look at that pic of McAvoy. Does he look in the slightest bit shady to you? He’s a pretty boy! Totally wrong for this part. You need someone with edge and menace, McAvoy has none. He’s too good looking for the role. Epic fail casting McAvoy when Fassbender would have been a perfect fit.

Rob Roy

Fassbender has full diary. He obviously had to leave some of the projects. Jarmusch vampire project sounds great, hope he´ll stick to that

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