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Jamie Foxx For Quentin Tarantino’s “Django Unchained”?

Jamie Foxx For Quentin Tarantino's "Django Unchained"?

The “who will play Django” shuffle continues… from Will Smith, to Idris Elba, and now… Jamie Foxx?

From Roger Friedman at Showbiz 411:

“Quentin Tarantino‘s “Django Unchained”? That’s the talk as the film–which already sounds great and it hasn’t even been filmed. Last night at the Tony’s, Jackson told me that he’s psyched, and that when we hear the whole story and script everyone’s going to go crazy. Tarantino wrote the script for his Oscar winner, Christoph Waltz, who must still be kicking himself that the “Inglourious Basterds” director found him in the first place. It’s an amazing story. Leonardo DiCaprio is also definitely signed. If Foxx joins the cast, it means he’s replacing Will Smith, who was discussed originally for the film. It’s good news for Jamie Foxx, who’s let his music career over take his film side. The Oscar winner for “Ray” could be a great Tarantino addition.”

I wasn’t aware that DiCaprio was “definitely signed.” I knew Tarantino wanted him, but I didn’t realize it was already a done deal.

But really, if the choice came down to Will Smith or Jamie Foxx, I think Jamie is far better suited for the role than Will is, who I think, it’s probably safe to say at this point, has passed on the role. But I’m still going with what I said when I reviewed the script – Michael K. Williams for the win!

Friedman doesn’t really elaborate, other than to say “that’s the talk,” which doesn’t necessarily mean much. Although, to be frank, I’m over all the leaks and announcements; I hope this thing gets cast really soon so that we can all put it to bed and the movie will finally get made :)

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Wow, I’d much rather have Idris Elba. This sucks man. I can already see this, jamie foxx puckering up his lips and giving the same look over and over again. I really thought Tarantino wouldn’t want Foxx.

Dankwa Brooks

I think ‘Collateral’ was JF’s nest performance on film. And based on what Tambay wrote about the script, I can see him playing “second fiddle” like he did in ‘Collateral’.


You know it did occur to me a few weeks ago that Foxx could be a possibility for the role. He needs something to jump start his career again


Jaime Foxx?? OH HELL NO!


1) just about anyone is a better fit for just about any role than will smith
(except for the role of “will smith” or “the fresh prince”)
2) foxx was not 2nd fiddle in “collateral”. he was the co-star of the movie. in fact, the story, such as it was, was actually ABOUT his character. only cruise’s bigger name got him higher billing.
3) i’m sure foxx will do a fine job: given all the other elements being in working order (by which i mean, q.t. delivering better than he did with the overly talky, boring “inglourious basterds”), he’s more than capable actor with a great range.
4) i still thing cheiwetel ejiotofor (or however the hell you spell his name) would be the best choice and, actually, foxx is not far off that mark, to my eye.


Look out Jug. After that scathing review you did on the last podcast, you know your words are falling on deft ears. **giggle wiggle, we all fall down, LMBAO**

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Anyway, this is how I see the damn thang.

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Well, if you’re not up Public Enemy , or you don‘t now anything about them, here goes another segment of “Turn In Your Black Card!!!”

Nawl, I’m kidding, but all those words did not come from Public Enemy, but they should have. I mean, I don’t know anything about this Rodger Freidman dude, but it appears as if slipped into his Pimpin’ Peter Piper suit to drop a little 411 in our town. And you know what, I am not one to cry fire when someone yells 911, so I did a little research on this Jewish fellow. Are you kidding me, I don’t know about yo town, but some of those Jewish fellows had all the stores in my neighbor. Yep, they were selling a ton of over-prized mess, and slum property. Anyway, when I went to his spot I didn’t find a damn thang. Well… check that… I found out that Clarence Clemons, the legendary, magnificent saxophone star who played with Bruce Springsteen is seriously ill after a stroke at his home in Florida. I was sorry to hear that.

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But all in all, if the rumor is true, and the part is right, Jamie Fox could be the man. You know, I’ve run my mouth a few time about Jamie’s brilliant performances in Ray and DreamGirls, but, he has dropped the ball a few times. Please, he’s one of my guys, but I can’t tell a lie, if the director does not tie him down and/or have a great role that he can do what he does best, Jamie can jackup some shit. However based on Terrintino’s past scripts and his fine eye and thumb on human emotions, I believe Terrintino and Jamie will be an excellent fit.

But the next time another prick lips pimpin’ pink panda, pretends like he has the 411 on the next big blue black pickled purple negro, I’m gonna act a goddamn fool up in here.


I have to say, I like Michael K Williams, I really do. But he is one note. Omar. Thats it. Done. Anyone who has seen Chalky White on BOARDWALK EMPIRE & the police sniper on Spike TV’s THE KILL PIT, has seen they are both exactly the same when they shouldn’t have been. Not bad, just the same. So here comes Django, which even though Chris Waltz’s character has much of the front end of the movie and Django is a “slave”, there is much complexity to it-there’s the light buddy comedy tone, the father son relationship that develops, not too mention he has to be somewhat attractive physically & a bit charismatic.

Are those things you necessarily think of when you think Michael K Williams in his work. Can he do it? I don’t know, but the only bit of Michael’s work that is “right” for the movie is being a cold-blooded killer-which Django really isn’t. He decides to kill Candie and the rest out of deep deep pain, not just about the whole slavery thing, but specifically about what he has done to the woman he loves. Oh yeah, the romance aspect that is carried only in Django’s character, primarily because there aren’t any of those scenes with Broomhilda & Django together to get “romance”.

I’m think a lot of people throw Michael K Williams out there because it says “slave” and he’s not the most attractive dude on the planet, it’s one of the reasons he was cast as Omar. Same with Jamie Hector, both with nice big scars on their face-they get cast as hard & vicious. There has to be more to Django than that, because he’s already a slave, he just can’t “look” like a slave, like he’s been beaten to hell & back. Everybody would be like “what are you tryyyyyin’ to SAY?!?” LOL And I’m not talking who they are as real people, just their look.

And the name Django, people also think “size”, so they say Michael Jai White because he’s super muscular. But Django is not big & beefy, quite the contrary. Now, anything can happen in terns of casting, but a large part of the script that not only talks about his lack of size, it depends on it… NO WAY Michael Jai White is gonna lose all that just to be in a Tarantino movie, it’s his bread & butter. Plus, after SPAWN & DARK KNIGHT, folks know he’s not the greatest actor out there.

I think out of all names mentioned, Jamie could pull it. Is he my first choice? No. But it’s “out of the names mentioned”. He will lose/gain weight very quickly for roles. Same man played RAY & then a very sinewy schizophrenic homeless man in SOLOIST & then got beefy in THE KINGDOM & ANY GIVEN SUNDAY. If he splits those differences, I think he would nail the physicality of Django. But he’d have to bring his “A” game, none of that MIAMI VICE, STEALTH bullshit.

Actually, his role in COLLATERAL is pretty much Django size & character. Just tweak it so he’s a liiil’ bit tougher.

I think people are focusing too much on “slave”, almost stereotypically. Think of “slave” in casting this project as his profession, as if it was “clockmaker” or “dance instructor”, which later turns to “bounty hunter”. There needs to be a fully realized person placed in that occupation first, not the other way around.

Could be a lot of folks then


Hmm…Jamie’s a very good actor for sure but in this role? Not seeing it. Wasn’t Chris Tucker also named as a possibility? I’d say he’s the best choice of all those mentioned.


QT owes Michael Jai White for leaving his scenes from Kill Bill on the cutting room floor.

MJW for Django!


Please say it ain’t so.


If It is true I guess Will and Idris passed on an “amazing story”. o.O

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