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Jay Potts On 50 Cent As Luke Cage

Jay Potts On 50 Cent As Luke Cage

A clip from University of Georgia Professor, Jonathan Gayles‘ black superhero documentary, Shaft Or Sidney Poitier: Black Masculinity In Comic Books, a film we’ve covered on this site a number of times, including an interview Monique did with him, which you can read HERE if you haven’t yet. The film is currently traveling the film festival circuit. Jay Potts is the creator, writer, and artist of the blaxploitation web-based comic, World Of Hurt.

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Jay Potts


My comments were from the perspective of how Luke Cage is currently being handled in the comic books. I don’t have a movie pitch, nor do I have any intention of making one, so my analogy concerning 50 Cent was not made with an eye toward dream casting. If I was, I would have suggested a time machine set to the year 1972 and Jim Brown.

Actually, I’ve never even submitted a comic book pitch to Marvel, because I’m quite content with my webcomic, WORLD OF HURT, because it is something that I fully, and completely, own. Meanwhile, I have no proprietary interest in Luke Cage beyond being a fan of the character and the medium of comic books. My statements were made purely as a fan who lamented the character’s present direction within the pages of Marvel’s comic books, not as an aspiring filmmaker with designs on Hollywood.



Spoken like someone that wants to get his movie made :-(

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