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Join Us Today! S&A Livecast Season 2, Ep 12 (Slavery And The Holocaust In Movies)

Join Us Today! S&A Livecast Season 2, Ep 12 (Slavery And The Holocaust In Movies)

It’s that time again peeps! Another HOT topic live podcast with the S&A Crew and, as usual, we won’t disappoint. Join us today (Wednesday) at 8pm/est for some MAJOR discussion. You won’t want to miss this! Slated:

-We’ll continue our discussion on interracial love in films (Part 2)
-Slavery and The Holocaust In American Movies (Go HERE to read post)
-Who’s the best candidate for Luke Cage film?

Don’t forget you can join us HERE or download the show later at your convenience. Remember, you can call in (347-215-8777) or join us in the chat room as well. We’d love to hear from you!

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First, I have to give a shout out to all my peeps in the chat room. We be having our own little party over there. The conversations run from what’s going on in the podcast to our own personal little thangs. For instance last night ( I call her “Life”) thought she was older than I. I told her I was old enough to be her daddy. Then I told a little white lie. I told her I was 85 years old. She said, “wow, why are you up in here with us young folks”. In short, I told her that a person is never to old to learn a thang, or two. Then she tried to hook me up with her grandma who is 86 years old. I thought about that for a second because old folks need lovin’ too. I can’t tell yawl the rest of the story’s graphic details, this is a PG site. Oh, in the chat room we even had a couple move up to the big house. They called in and joined the live crew. We found out one was a comic geek. That’s my guy from Tenn.

Anyway, we talked about Rappers turned actors, Beyounce, Nicole Beharie, Cadillac Records and all types of little tid bits of the movie business. I had a good time.

Now, the podcast:

Let me first say I loved Monique’s opening! I mean, the part in which she jumped in Sergio’s ass was a blast. I liked the fact that she let it all hang out. Shit, she had Sergio apologizing and er’thang. She later apologized for her slapping his ass, but personally, I didn’t think she did anything wrong. To hear a woman say “fu*k on the air was a new beginning :-). I knew the night would be interesting. And, I didn’t even catch what precipitated their disagreement, but it was entertaining.

Now, I hate to say this, I disagreed with Sergio on a few points. He believes “blacks” are not ready to see the full scope of slavery and the story has to have a happy ending. I do not believe that’s true.

Another great topic was brought to the floor by a call-in listener… “Why black films do not make money”. Cadillac Records was mentioned along with Devil In A Blue Dress, Great Debaters, Talk To me, and I’d like to throw in Malcolm X. Well, I believe it was Cynthia who mentioned something about they are marketed wrong (should not even have been marketed for the big screen). To a degree, I agree. Sergio said something about the title of Talk To Me ( what’s the movie about?) and he mentioned something about the lack of money behind the movie (poorly advertised) and the subject matter (who is that negro). Well, to a large degree I agree with both Sergio and Cynthia, but I believe it’s deeper than all of that. I mean, first, lets don’t fool ourselves, white folks are in NO hurry to see “black” films, okay. So, I don’t know how they fall into the “not making money” final count. I mean, I am sure it does but are black folks not seeing these movies? I believe they are, but white folks… nope. Has black movie producers set their bar too high, in respect to how much money they hope to make. And as Sergio mentioned last week, is the problem rooted in the fact that black folks are a bunch of hypocrites? I don’t know, but “not making money” does not tell a complete story.

Lastly, the subject of IR movies came up again, and I believe I was quoted incorrectly. I don’t care if the black man, white woman, sistah or the white dude is “positive” (whatever in the hell that means) or not. They all can be bust-out losers, I just want to see diversity in the plot, not a sanitized version of a “not so common” relationship, that has many peaks and valleys, lows and stories untold That’s all I am going to say about that.


Lyfe Tyme: [Carey] I know you are NOT what you say you are but I went along with a lot of it.

Darling you don’t know how correct you are. I WAS raised in Iowa, but I was adopted by a black Christian family. My skin is white but my culture is black. I picked up my vernacular, idioms and speaking voice from my step-father and the other children around me.

You’ve probably heard of such an agency that adopts children in my situation, during the Haiti earthquake.


Okay, @ LyfeTyme, I most assuredly thought you would see that as the joke it oviously was. Of course I am not 85 years old, and you sho didn’t try to hook me up with your granny. Damn.

I need a new kind of drug because my love is falling flat, on this floor.

I’s so sorry. Please accept my apology.


I don’t normally comment I usually just read posts but i just have to comment on this particular issue.


Huh?? “Then she tried to hook me up with her grandma who is 86 years old” What?? You asked me if I knew anyone because you said, you were a single 85 year old Black man living in America. And I told you that my grams lives overseas and she is NOT interested. Why are you making up lies?? I know you are NOT what you say you are but I went along with a lot of it. And I left the chat room a little bit right after that because it was boring. I don’t know what kind of graphic stuff you are talking about ??


Good livecast.

James Madison

Looking forward to the discussion on “Slavery and The Holocaust In American Movies”.

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