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Joseph Conrad’s “Heart Of Darkness” As A Spacebound Sci-Fi Flick?

Joseph Conrad's "Heart Of Darkness" As A Spacebound Sci-Fi Flick?

A sci-fi version of Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness? One of the most controversial tales over the last century+, telling the story of Marlow, the cargo boat captain in Africa at the end of the 19th century, on assignment to return Kurtz, an ivory trader with a reputation, who encounters the “darkness” of the Congo wilderness, and the “darkness” that resides within human beings, after witnessing the brutalization of Africans by white European traders. Read on from Variety:

Radar Pictures is taking the plunge into “Heart of Darkness,” tapping Peter Cornwell (“The Haunting in Connecticut“) to direct an adaptation of Joseph Conrad’s novel as a spacebound sci-fi pic. Titled “Into Darkness,”… the project is loosely based on Conrad’s 1902 tale of ferryboat captain Charles Marlow’s quest to return shadowy ivory trader Kurtz to civilization.

As most of you likely already know, Apocalypse Now, Francis Ford Coppola’s 1979 work, was based on Conrad’s novel, with the key difference being that the story was moved from the Congo to Vietnam and Cambodia, during the Vietnam War. So, really, anything is possible here. Just don’t expect to find any of the original story here, other than its themes.

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I’m pulling for this one. Because the story itself is a great one, the line between hunter & hunter, losing humanity. But for real I think it could be a bangin’ sci-fi movie because it isn’t all about gadgets & warp speed.

I actually contacted the writer Tony Giglio straight up about it. Said he’d keep me up to date with what happens with it. Amazing how real deal people are once you can talk to them & not their “buffers” LOL


EVENT HORIZON was a ghost tale in space and had nothing to do with HEART OF DARKNESS.

I agree with Tamara. Conrad’s novel can be placed anywhere. Let’s hope the filmmakers have a cool story here


The beauty (or horror or both) of this story is that you could plop it into virtually any setting and it ‘should’ work. I like the sci-fi setting. Space and isolation, being out on the “raggedy edge” of the unknown is as good a location as any. This story is one of my favorites. I’ve read the book a couple of times and I’ve watched Apocalypse Now too many times.

I look forward to this.


Didn’t a filmaker already try this with “Event Horizon.”

Granted the movie wasn’t very good–horror/sf films rarely are.

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