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Laurence Fishburne Says Bye-Bye To “CSI”

Laurence Fishburne Says Bye-Bye To "CSI"

CBS announced today that Laurence Fishburne will leave CSI at the end of the season, after two and half seasons. Quite simply, Fishburne was tired of the TV grind and wanted to return to feature film work.

Despite earning, according to some reports, as much as $350,000 an episode, the decision was not exactly a surprise since Fishburne renewed his contract last year for only one more season.

According to one insider involved with the show: “Nobody expected him to be on the show for 7 years, it’s Laurence Fishburne.

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As long as he goes back to starring in quality films then I’m happy.


Smart smart move by Fishburne. After the Matrix movies, he could’ve chilled, but he moved to TV when every network was salivating (still are) about having film names. & especially with this deal, which included an overall dev deal with CBS, Fish was banking like $14 Mil or somewheres around there. Plus the grind of tv is much more like a 9-5, though it’s standard 12 hour days, giving a little bit more stability to your life. Offered him the time to go off & do THURGOOD (which I’m sure they’ll turn into a movie if they’re smart). And then of course, there’s those lovely royalties from CSI-could put his kid through college…if she wasn’t doing porn :-O LMBAO

Now the heat on CSI is dying down, he’s a little older & a WHOLE lot richer (bigger) & he can be the guru dude in the superhero flicks like Sam Jack or he can do smaller, more modest fare.

Ain’t mad at Fishburne a bit.


They actually tried VERY HARD to get Sheen back knowing that his presence on the show who send the ratings into the stratosphere. Everybody would watch the show to see a train wreck in slow motion. Goes back to what i said, they’ll put up with whatever you do as long as people are willing to watch


So true Sergio. By the way Lynn, if Ashton Kutcher (Sheen’s replacement) doesn’t work out I wouldn’t be surprised to hear CBS would bring back a “clean and sober” Charlie.


Then again people weren’t turning on CSI to see Dourdan. Did the ratings slips when he left the show? Not likely.

The rule is Hollywood is that you can be the biggest, most obnoxious jerk in the world but as long as you put seats in the theater or make people switch channels to watch your show they’ll tolerate you


Well, this is no surprise to me. He wasn’t featured a whole lot in the series. But his pay is way more than the former cast member William Petersen who made $ 250,000 an episode.

But i am pretty sure the highest paid actor on that show is Marg Helenberger she has been on the show the longest and she makes double the amount of what Petersen (Grissom) use to make CSI.

Also, I heard CBS is unfair towards people of color they got rid of Gary Dourdan because of a DUI stint but they didn’t get rid of Charlie Sheen right away when he went coo coo and blurted out insensitive comments about Jews. Hmm…

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