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Leonardo DiCaprio May Join Beyoncé In Clint Eastwood’s “A Star Is Born” + Will Smith Considered

Leonardo DiCaprio May Join Beyoncé In Clint Eastwood's "A Star Is Born" + Will Smith Considered

If the news that Beyoncé was going to star in a remake of A Star Is Born, directed by Clint Eastwood, didn’t get you excited for the project, then maybe this will… then again, maybe not :)

From Nikke Finke at Deadline: “I hear Clint Eastwood is using his time with Leonardo DiCaprio on the J Edgar Hoover biopic to discuss the director’s new Warner Bros project A Star Is Born. Clint is hoping to team Leo with Beyoncé, who’s already set for the musical.

Yay? No?

Finke also says that there’s also been talk of pairing Beyoncé with… with… with… Will Smith! We know that probably wouldn’t happen. Can’t have two black leads in the same film right? Will has said so himself! It’ll automatically be branded with that oh-so dreaded label that kills box office returns – “black cinema.”

This really is an interesting pairing of director (Eastwood) and actor (Beyonce). I have no idea what to expect from this. I’m not a fan of Beyonce’s acting (although she’s one hell of a performer); and I prefer Eastwood the actor to Eastwood the director. So, from my POV, this may not end very well. Add DiCaprio to the mix, whom I actually like, and it’s even more of a puzzle to me. Will Smith? I dunno…

But we’ll certainly see won’t we…

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All these other black actresses ya’ll naming don’t have the Box-office draw that Beyonce has..TPTB are trying to make bank ..not take a chance on emerging talent, much less any black actress. If not Beyonce, the female lead would’ve surely been given to some young Caucasian chick.

Bashing Beyonce’s acting ability or lack thereof is a waste of time.


Leo is fine but NO NO NO to Beyonce.

She is cheap and ghetto and untalented and awful. Why not a real actress?

Especially if they don’t need the musical/singing aspect – We not a young beauty like Yaya Decosta?



I just knew it’d be like opening a can of worms if I clicked on these comments! lol I am a huge Beyonce fan, but I know she’s FAR from being the worlds greatest actress. But if Cadillac Records taught us anything it’s that there is a way to wrangle a decent performance out of the girl. Maybe it was the director, maybe it was editing or an acting coach or all three! I think the concept of remaking this film is tired in and of itself, but Clint Eastwood has made some great films so maybe he can do something different with it. As for Leo’s involvement…I can’t see it, he’s a very talented actor but it just isn’t sitting well with me.


I find myself defending Halle Berry a lot on this site and now I— never mind. As you were.


It just doesn’t seem in the vein of something DiCaprio would do…

I had the same reaction when it was “rumored” eons ago that Russell Crowe might star… *blinks*


If they replace Beyonce I’d be okay with that. If Tessa Thompson could sing maybe. Or any other unknown beautiful but talented actress/singer that I’m forgetting. Maybe a Broadway actress.


LOL, “Standards”.


Oh please! You people really need to get over yourselves. Beyonce is a GOLDEN GLOBE nominated actress. And she has earned praise from critics for her performance in Cadillac Records. So I really don’t understand why people are being so hard on her, damn! Let the girl do her thing. Not even Megan Fox recieves this much hate for her acting! lol Why in the black community, do we always HATE on each other?


I wish I could “like” Tamara’s first comment…lol.

Hey, if she can become a member of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences, without showing any acting ability (member of the acting branch), then she can pull off a little thing like getting Leo in her film. She already has Capo Eastwood.


@ Akim

In a perfect world, all the “yall black folks be haaatin on beyownce!!” power from the hatin azz haterz would put the brakes on this chick’s world domination. Apparantly that’s not the case, so what do you care about people who actually have standards?


@ Zeus

So true… sexism sucks. With the exception of Obsessed, this role is at least within her natural talents as a singer/entertainer.

Adam Scott Thompson

They’ve been trying to remake this movie (yet again) for years now, so we’ll just have to wait and see. I remember hearing in the early 2000’s rumors of Will starring alongside Alicia Keys.

I like Clint, though. While other actor-directors have fallen off (see Gibson, Costner), Eastwood has continued to progress (and not that Tyler Perry kind of progression — “…but he’s gettin’ better, y’all!”). “Unforgiven” not only resuscitated the western, it changed the rules of the genre.


Beyonce is a big name. Leo is a big name. Hollywood is about $$$. Those two alone will put asses in seats. All they care about. End of story.

And let’s be honest…if YOU were Beyonce and you wanted to act and you have power and $$$ and connects, you trying to tell us you wouldn’t try to be in as many movies as YOU could?

..of course you would.

50 cent is being commended for doing the same damn thing and Lord knows he can’t act either.


Cam somebody please save us from this horrible want to be actress. She can not act and its about time her camp stops buying her way into acting gigs. I am sick to death of this woman and I wish she would just go sit down.


Last time I checked it doesn’t seem as though the film will be big on the musical aspect. The protagonists are a young aspiring singer and an aging ACTOR. Maybe I’m superficial…but Leo is the only casting choice I’m mildly interested in. HELL NO to the others especially Russel Crowe.

I can’t be mad at Beyonce though…the remake is being made specifically with her in mind. I just hope, Clint can successfully translate what she puts on stage into a decent acting performance and hope to God she’s working with a vocal coach because her accent is just …UGH!


I’m with Nia Long…Beyonce, STAY IN YOUR LANE!

Can we please return to actresses acting in the bulk of high-profile roles, PLEASE!

This practice of placing these thugs and thugettes in movie roles because of their built-in audience must really burn the true thespians!!!!!


Over the top casting in regards to Leo, the man isn’t THAT good.


What happened to Russell Crowe???
Isn’t Leo going for “Oscar” with this JEdgar Hoover flick???
I don’t care. I mean, Beyonce. Leo? I just don’t care anymore.
Hollywood do what thou wilt (or continue doing so).



Leo in a musical? I don’t think so.

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