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More “Django Unchained” Casting News… Uh… Rumors + Fan-Made Poster

More "Django Unchained" Casting News... Uh... Rumors + Fan-Made Poster

Hmmm… I woke up this morning to find a post on MTV’s movie site stating that Michael Fassbender revealed on Twitter last night that he had joined the cast of Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained, stating: “Great news everyone. Quentin Tarantino has asked me to be his latest film Django Unchained. He was talking so fast, but I said ‘f***, yes’.

Although he didn’t say for what part specifically.

However, realizing he wasn’t supposed to make that piece of information public, he deleted the tweet, and posted a follow-up tweet which read: “Wait, forget I told you about the Tarantino thing, I wasn’t supposed to! F***. My cue to log off.

None of this has been formally announced, so, who knows if he was being serious. I wouldn’t be surprised if it were true, given that he and Tarantino worked together in his last film, Inglorious Basterds, after rumors that another Basterds alum has already joined the Django Unchained cast – Christoph Waltz.

Now… the MTV post showed up in my Google Reader feed, but when I clicked on the link header to be taken to MTV’s website so that I could read it in full, it had disappeared! I verified this by performing a Google search. So, for some reason, MTV deleted (or was asked to delete) the post. Problem there is, once these things make their way onto the web, deleting them doesn’t necessarily mean they are permanently gone. In fact, if you look at the Django Unchained IMDB page, in the “News” section, you’ll find MTV’s post, since IMDB syndicates MTV’s movie material.

My Google search also showed that at least one other major film site had picked up the news –; but, again, when I clicked on the link to be taken to the post on their website, it too had disappeared.

So, don’t be surprised if my post disappears too! It seems to me that someone (or some people) would prefer that this news didn’t get out.

Given that I’ve read the script, I’m not sure what role Fassbender would’ve been offered (assuming he has been offered a role); I’ll have to skim the script again to remember what all the key roles are.

But in other Django Unchained rumors, for much of last week, there was discussion of Leonardo DiCaprio’s name as a candidate for the film’s main villain, Calvin Candie. I couldn’t and still can’t really see DiCaprio in the role. In reading the script, I immediately pictured someone at least 20 years older, and rotund. But, if this is true, Tarantino obviously sees something I don’t. It is after all his vision, so what do I know?

We already told you about Idris Elba’s cryptic tweet last week, so I won’t bother rehashing. Feel free to read that post HERE.

And lastly, check out the below fan-made poster:

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{{{ I think the Calvin Candie casting is near perfect. Do you really think he should be rotund? That would be too cliche for a Tarantino role. }}}

It wouldn’t be too cliche for Hollywood. What would be cliche for Hollywood is looking for the best looking white guys to play the lead roles even when the characters they play are scum and good looks aren’t required. That’s the type of casting that also makes a tougher battle for the loyalties of the audience, when the supposed bad guy is played by a matinee idol. It would be like making a younger Brad Pitt a Nazi in a Holocaust movie. Imagine if Paul Giamatti got the role in Django. You don’t think he could own it if he did? Of course he could. However Hollywood wouldn’t probably touch him for a role like this. As I indicated in a PRETTY LONG piece, Hollywood is more likely to choose black guys with character actor looks for prestigious roles than they will white actors. Anyway the buzz appears to be almost all about who will be the white people picked for certain roles which tells me a lot.

{{{ And hopefully Will Smith doesn’t get cast for the lead, he is way too Micky Mouse for this movie. Elba will be great. }}}

What exactly has Elba done that makes you think this is the case? He has talent but it isn’t anything thus far overwhelming. Or maybe I feel that because since “The Wire” he has happily lined up roles in such drivel as “Daddy’s Little Girl”, “Obsessed”, “Prom Night” and has fought for useless roles/cameoes in comic book flicks like Thor and Ghost Rider. I realize black people have a hard time getting substantial roles, but this dude seems to say yes to anything. Anything! And maybe it is material related but the work he displayed in those films (or at least the ones I saw) wasn’t all that impressive.

{{{ But, like always, Waltz will steal the show. }}}

It is easy to steal the show when you get the best lines of dialogue and the best scenes.


I really like the fan poster for Quentin’s T. Django. This whole Django Unchained casting thing has way too much publicity people will get tired of it by the time it makes it’s way to cinemas.


I think the Calvin Candie casting is near perfect. Do you really think he should be rotund? That would be too cliche for a Tarantino role. Candie does some messed up things in the movie, he needs to look young and arrogant. I think leo will be a great unlikeable character. And hopefully Will Smith doesn’t get cast for the lead, he is way too Micky Mouse for this movie. Elba will be great. But, like always, Waltz will steal the show.


fake twitter account.. does nobody do any fact checking anymore? no wonder some sites took the news articles offline immediately


That was a fake Michael Fassbender Twitter. There’s been a few going around. But at the rate they’re trying to cast Fass for every darn movie, I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up part of the cast. *shrug*

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