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Naomie Harris Working On Jane Austen-esque Film But With Black People

Naomie Harris Working On Jane Austen-esque Film But With Black People

Lifted from an interview with Naomie Harris on the Little White Lies blog:

After being asked if there was anything she’d like to do that she hasn’t been offered yet, Harris replied, “I’m totally in love with Jane Austen and have always been in love with Jane Austen, I did my dissertation at university on black people in eighteenth-century Britain – so I’d love to do a Jane Austen-esque film but with black people… I’d love to do that next.

Ok, so it’s just one of those fantasy projects that’ll never happen right?

When asked whether she’d direct it, she said, “No, no, no. I love working with actors but I don’t know anything about camera angles. I wouldn’t have a clue, in that respect. I am working with a friend, Damien Jones, and we have got a script. It’s getting closer and closer.

Oh, so it’s not just some flight of fancy. This shit is real son! :)

By the way, Damien Jones is a British producer with a long list of credits that include the upcoming Margaret Thatcher project, which stars Meryl Streep in a role she’ll most certainly, at least, get an Oscar nomination for, The Iron Lady. He also produced Noel Clarke’s Adulthood and Kidulthood movies.

A Jane Austen-esque film but with black people. Things that make you go hmm… color me intrigued.

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egmond codfried

My research proofs that not only was Jane Austen Black, she identified as Black by making all her personages either light brown, brown, very brown or black.

Mr. Elton, black, spruce and smiling.
Mr Crawford: absolutely plain, black and plain, but still the gentleman.


@Sandra Sounds interesting…I’ll have to check that out!



There was a ‘Dumas’ movie that came out last year starring a white actor (famous French actor Gerard Depardieu sporting tan make-up and a curly wig) as Alexandre Dumas. I haven’t watched it but I hear that it’s very loosely based on facts.


Kendra’s period fantasy comes off like Nicole Richie…

James Madison

What Kendra said!

eshowoman, the cranky film scholar

Considering that slavery was the financial backbone of those in Austin’s story, turnabout is fair play!


I’m one of the few people in the world who’s not in love with Jane Austen’s works. But I like Naomie and if this comes to pass, then I’m there!


Yes, if you look at majority of the period pieces that come you would think black people didn’t exist at all back then — outside of American Slavery. A Jane-esque film starring Naomie Harris would be great! I really hope her wish comes true!


@kendra Definitely agree! I’d love to see an Alexandre Dumas biopic


I always wished there were period pieces that had black people that dealt with things other than slavery. In America there were free black people during slavery time. What was going in the North, hmm? And what about Canada and Europe, Caribbean, South America. What were black people doing in the 1800s, 1700s,1600s. Did we not exist before the 1600s. Is that all our history was? Slavery, service,etc? Were we not writers, artists, actors, rich, royalty, doctors,etc? I’d just like to see black people in more than one light. Other lights. So i’m all on board for Jane Austen with black people. I mean there’s Jane Austen with zombies.


I love all things Jane Austen. I can’t wait to see what becomes of this script.

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