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Neil Gaiman: “Anansi Boys” No Longer A Feature Film; Headed Towards TV Instead

Neil Gaiman: "Anansi Boys" No Longer A Feature Film; Headed Towards TV Instead

The book was published in 2005, became a best-seller, and some 3 years later, it was announced that a feature film adaptation was in development, with Neil Gaiman saying he’d like Morgan Freeman as Mr Nancy. Today, in an interview with MTV, Gaiman says a TV mini-series is now more likely.


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@Tamara & Accidental Visitor-*sigh* yeah we should be shocked…but aren’t huh? LOL

The worst part to me, is that is the fucking story. It’s about BLACK PEOPLE damnit!

It’s like saying “Umm, can we change the Jews SCHINDLER’S LIST to Guatemalans? We really gotta hit that Latin market hard” :-(


I didn’t need the quotes from Gaiman in the USA Today article to know the deal. To me it was very obvious why the Anansi Boys was getting the least amount of buzz in regards to a Hollywood production. Nonetheless it is still somewhat sad to read Gaiman’s confirmation of my suspicions.


Thank you for that blurb, Jug.

I’ve got friends who are die-hard Gaiman fans.

I need to jump on the bandwagon and read his works.


Indeed Tambay. I think Zeus said a while back that real power rests behind the camera. And he’s right, waay back. It’s folks that usually don’t ever set foot the first on set.

But the more execs there are of color or producers like Don & Shonda & Will/Jada/Jay-Z are sitting at the table they can’t say that shit. It’s why DeVon Franklin at Sony is killing it and I think there are a bunch of young up & comers like him.

I need to get my head outta my ass and get it crackin’!


@ Jug – I should be shocked about that, but, damn, I’m not even flinching.

Glad Gaiman didn’t go for that nonsense. Really glad. It makes me feel confident knowing that, whether TV or film, this will be done right.

Just once, I’d love to be in one of these meetings when execs make these kinds of requests. I read about it all the time, but it seems so unbelievable that this actually still happens.


I’m reading American Gods right now & love it. When it’s up & running for HBO, I think The Rock is perfect for Shadow. But this article made me look up Anansi Boys & came across this from an interview with Gaiman:

“Gaiman had offers to make a film out of his 2005 best seller Anansi Boys, about the sons of an African god discovering their magical background while living in the corrupt modern world, but moviemakers wanted to change the lead black characters to white or drop the magical elements altogether. “I don’t need the money,” Gaiman says. “Not needing the money puts me in a magical place because I can say no. I like the idea of having good movies made or having no movies made.” ”

Really?!? The shit that goes on behind doors man. Big ups to Gaiman for telling them to beat it.

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