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New On DVD Today – “Mooz-lum,” “Battle: Los Angeles,” & “Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son”

New On DVD Today - "Mooz-lum," "Battle: Los Angeles," & "Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son"

Out on DVD today, June 14th, 2011… my recommendations above should be quite clear :)

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I’ll take an order of Mooz-lum, thank you. Looking forward to checking this movie out also.


What a coincidence , I just watched Big Momma last night and it was TERRIBLE! I am open for that style of comedy, just as I am with some of Tyler’s stuff but again, Big Momma simply was not funny.

Martin Lawrence has always made me laugh. His stand up, his television series and many of his movies has always given me pleasure, but unfortunately, he didn’t give me one damn laugh in this one. And Brandon T Jackson…. not even a chuckle. I think that kid is very fortunate and has a good agent or agency. I mean, I’ve seen him in many movies, however none of his parts are memorable. Lottery Ticket… I can’t remember one of his lines or even a scene that he was in. I saw the movie, laughed a few times, but his face is not in my memory. Percy Jackson & the Olympians is another one that I saw and I only remember him because he was the only black face in the movie (I believe). Now here he is in Big Mommas, Like Father, Like Son… a big dud. I believe the movie was suppose to be a comedy with a little intrigue, but all the storylines were flat and uneventful. One of the plots had Brandon and a nice looking young lady(name?) as love interests, which didn’t work for me – one bit. Brandon even tried to rap… he can’t rap. He even did a little singing… he can’t sing. Ten Toes Down for this snoozer.

“Battle: Los Angeles,” saw it sitting on the shelf and instantly thought of Escape From New York, so I walked on by. I might check it out… Red Box, $1.00 ( I have not read anything about it).

“Mooz-lum,” did not play in my next of the woods, so it’s on my tippy top list of a dinner and a date. I’m gonna call my lady and ask her to fix me a dinner and I’ll bring over the movie.

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