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Open Thread Friday… Discuss “Hot” Topics This Week Or Whatever’s On Your Mind!

Open Thread Friday... Discuss "Hot" Topics This Week Or Whatever's On Your Mind!

I’ve got a busy day ahead of me, so posts won’t come until later in the afternoon; and I figured I’d give you guys the floor to talk amongst yourselves, and see how that goes. We never really have “open threads” here, so here’s one. Call it “Open Thread Friday.” Have at it…!

And if you need ammunition, here are some of the most commented on posts in the last week; you’re not limited to just these topics, so feel free to talk about whatever is on your mind:

“‘Talent Drain’ Warning As Black [British] Actors Head To The US”

Zoe Saldana In Talks To Star Opposite Mark Ruffalo In Marital Drama “Infinitely Polar Bear”

Oprah Says She’s Determined To Get O.J. Simpson Confession

Trailer For Halle Berry’s Shark Thriller “Dark Tide” FINALLY Surfaces!!

Slavery As Comedy? French Farce “Case Départ” Acquired For International Distribution + Remake Talk

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@Carey Carey

Don’t have a problem with S&A mission–love this blog–or low budget films. It’s not the amount you have to create with, but what you choose to put out. I receive loads of info from this site. The point of this thread is to express an opinion. I did that. I honestly do feel too many urban films rehash the same tired melodramatic plot, which was the real point of my comments–not to bash S&A. Sorry it was taken that way.

Anyway, this is why I write more, complain less. I know I can do better.

eshowoman, the cranky film critic

“Take for instance, a history of the cop-buddy movie….why it works with ebony and ivory males, but with black/white female duos, not so much.”

The longest running cinematic relationship between white and black women have been mistresses and maids (witness this years “The Help”.) While the black/white buddy film feigns some equality, the black best friend must still nurture, sacrifice and remain a (largely) asexual, sassy supporter of her white best friend. While black males can be seen as objects of desire for non-black women, placing black women on the same status as her white counterpart is still taboo. If a black woman has a starring role she MUST suffer (a la Hallie Barrie) be a total victim (like most of Thandie Newton roles) or be played by a man!



Thanks for sharing, enjoyed the vid :-). There’s the smile. However, I had already answered lol. I didn’t jump on your throat like the first time. I hope hehe


How about some character analysis posts?

You know how it is discussed here they type of characters blacks portray in films. Why not go a little in depth. Take for instance, a history of the cop-buddy movie….why it works with ebony and ivory males, but with black/white female duos, not so much.

How about discussing range, not only with male black actors, but what of our female black actors? There was talk on the latest podcast concerning Halle Berry and how she’s always “neurotic” in most of her roles. Commenter (can’t remember who) said he assumes she really “is” that way in life—it’s how he perceives her and thus her roles, her acting is tainted as such. What black actresses transcend/have transcended (or adapted, in the case of and by example of Meryl frickin’ Streep who can play ANYONE).

I think character analysis, tropes, archetypes and whatnot would be good fodder for future discussions (unless they already exist). Specific analysis and not so general. Maybe highlight a black actor or actress and go through their repetoire of work to see. Sort of an “actress of the week” or “character type of the week”.

Again, if this is already done, disregard my suggestions.


And Vanesse, before you read my next comment (if you already have not) and before you open your mouth *LMBAO* since you seem to be open minded and one who enjoys a good laugh, I’d like to state my position/likes and dislikes of life, by offering you the oppurtunity to view my other interests, by clicking on the following link. But please, if you’re going to blast me, or say something real nasty *smile*, please share it with me first by hitting my e-mail ”

Heres the link


*LOL* @ Vanessa, yeah, I beat you to the punch. I’ve already chewed on that bone and threw it back on your table.

The ball is back in your court. The early bird catches the worms and you gotta get up real early to handcuff this old school fool. :-)

Now get your butt back over there and reap what you sow.



I have a bone to pick w you, hence my reply to you in Zoe Sadana’s post! smh

I do appreciate your comment in this post. ha


@ Kia, I believe the basic point of those that are questioning your comment(s), including myself, is that, who defines quality and something that makes one person frown, can make another person smile. It’s the old adage… one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure. You said you desire “quality” and “is that too much to ask?”. Well, again, I don’t know exactly what you mean by “quality” nor who defines that.

And, I’ve always said that S & A puts out a load of information that I believe encompasses a hugh variety of tastes, which allows each individual to pick and choose what fits there own personal taste.

I believe that’s the American way. I’ve come to the understanding that if one boxes themselves into a like thinking “think tank” they are in the wrong crowd. They have reduced themselves to listening to the opinions of others, just like them, and thus, may never learn from others, who may have a better way of doing exactly what the closed minded are trying to do. Even if those outside a particcular group are doing or have done something wrong, I’ve learned that I can learn from the misstakes of other. But in this case, if we close the door on movies, books and others opinions that are not like “our” we are left in an arrogant stance of “nobody know better than I”. And you know the saying… “a doctor that prescribes his own medicine, has a fool for a doctor” and “an attorney who hires himself a his defense counsel, has a fool as his lawyer.

In short, as others have said, there are some posts that I cruise right over. Hell, there are even some commenter’s “comments” that I cruise over, and some of my own that I wish I could take back. But in the end, I believe S&A’s mission state is being accomplished.

Oh, and one more thang. Since we all know that many black actors are starving out there, which finds many of them working in films that some would consider “beneath” them. However, S & A does a wonderful job of highlighting every genre of film, and through that journey we see up and coming actors ( in lower budget, less quality films) and those that may be on the back sides of their careers. Everybody needs love.


I’m all for support, but there’s this trend just b/c something is “black”, we must stand behind it. I disagree. I love good quality films with above average execution (this includes acting, writing, directing and cinematography). Is that too much to ask? I especially LOVE these said films that showcase black talent. As an emerging writer/producer, I don’t want praise for being a black filmmaker, but rather the quality of my films. That’s way more gratifying.


When will see more of the web series that are filling your inbox? I would love to see more of what you’re receiving from these budding web/filmmakers. S&A introduced me to “The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl”! Love that show! Hopefully, you have more gems like that to show your readers.


There are some posts I personally don’t care for, but I’m glad this site covers ALL films related to the African Diaspora. That’s the reason why I like S&A.

You get the big picture on what’s going on with black cinema and actors of African descent on all fronts.

Regardless of whether the films are good or bad, big or low budget, indie or commercial, I don’t know of any other site that accomplishes the detailed coverage of “African Diaspora” cinema so well. :-)


@ Kia

I know what you’re saying. Those films are not my taste either. But on the other hand, they are somebody’s taste – if this website doesn’t give them exposure, who will?


Seems like I came online at the right moment… I’ll start… Can S & A please stop giving these cheesy, straight to DVD, excruciatingly bad urban films a mention. Had to get that off my chest.

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