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Oprah Says She’s Determined To Get O.J. Simpson Confession

Oprah Says She's Determined To Get O.J. Simpson Confession

I have a dream of O.J. Simpson confessing to me… And I am going to make that happen people… I don’t just want the interview… I want the interview on the condition that you are ready, Mr. Simpson.

Words from the one and only Oprah Winfrey, speaking with Paula Zahn at the National Cable & Telecommunications Association annual conference in Chicago about her plans for upcoming new interview program on the OWN network, titled Oprah’s Next Chapter.

Wait a minute; I thought he didn’t do it. The glove didn’t fit :)

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Sorry to tell you this, “AccidentalVisitor”, but I have no idea as to the identity of “Carey Carey”. We are not one and the same, and my best guess is that we do not live in the same states. Without being more specific, I am from New England. That’s all I will say about my geographical location. I’m also in my early 60s.
I’m not sure whatever made you think we were one and the same, but we are not. In point of fact, my screen name is due to my normal occupation: Title Examiner. (In other words, I research deeds and mortgages to determine if the seller of a piece of property has the right TO sell it, free and clear of any encumbrances. I’ve been doing it for some 20 years now.
Hopefully, this answers THAT question! Please don’t make a fool of yourself by suggesting that he (or she) and I are one and the same. We are not.
Have a nice day.


@ AV, sheep you say, period?!

Okay, baa baa black sheep, have YOU any cool, no sir, no sir, only a bunch of drool – that I can’t support. Carey said i’m not cool, and Deeds made me look like a fool. But when Dankwa said “64,688. is the number of people Oprah sent to college, I have to admit, that wasn’t in my knowledge. Millions and Millions Oprah gave away, damn, you don’t say?! Opps upside my head. How I dread the quicksand my feet are in. I am going to sit right down and write myself a letter, and make believe it came from y’all. I’m gonna confess my sins cuz I can’t win, when I deny the spin I did. I ran into a formidable foe, Deeds who reads, and he put me in my place. I can write with the best on them, big words, short and tall, but I should have known, I couldn’t fool them all. ~ Baa Baa Black Sheep

Well Accidental, it looks like we will have to agree to disagree. I’m out!


A brief message to “AccidengtalVisitor” (using copy and paste to get your exact spelling as you did it)

Whatever you personally think is not important. YOU did not sit on the jury and SEE all of the evidence that was presented at the trial. I was not on the jury, either. However, I did set my VCR every day while at work so that I could watch it at night.
In our society, when a person is found “Not Guilty”, that’s the end of the case. Like it or not, Orenthal James Simpson is not guilty. Period.
Does he know who did it? Possibly. But, since that was never discussed at trial, I won’t discuss it here.
For the record, I am not a black man, either. I am as caucasian as they come. At the start, I had the impression of guilt. However, as the trial went along and certain important pieces of “evidence” failed to materialize, I started to change my view. Before the Jury got the case, I had made up my mind that he was not guilty. At the same time, a lot of my friends started to dislike me. Too bad for them. If they don’t believe a person is entitled to a fair trial (AND a fair verdict!) then I don’t want them as friends!
You called the members of the jury “idiots”. I must respectfully disagree. They had to sift through tons of evidence, and sit there through months and months of testimony. Since it is clear that they knew a lot more than you did, I have to believe they got it right, and you did not. Why? Well, please read my earlier message. Perhaps that will enable you to grow and come to understand this case a bit better.
Have a nice day.


CareyCarey, yes you are sheep if you actually use words such as ” the richness of Oprah”. Case closed.

And your new buddy/alias, DeedsResearcher, was unable to “trump my every move” since the only counter he provided of any substance was that he/she/you taped the trial proceedings every day. Deeds can only come to his own conclusions based upon what he observed and read. I too can do the same. Since neither of us were there during the actual homicide, neither of us can say with 100% certainty that we are right or wrong. All that matters is that a not guilty verdict was handed down. I can live with that. Why can’t your goddess, Oprah, do the same?


@ Accidental,

“But the sheep that keep worshipping the ground she walks on will eat it up”

Excuse me, those of us that are not blinded by our emotions and jealousy, and thus have no problem seeing the richness of Oprah – are sheep?

Come on man!

Now look… wait…. I was going to go somewhere but I’ll just defer my opinion to those of DeedsResearcher.

That man is speaking facts and has trumped your every move/deflection. You’ve yet to bring any facts, only porous assumptions, and personal indifferences with Oprah, and that’s not cool (on this issue)


With all due respect if my “growth” is to be determined by my understanding that case more then I will voluntarily stay in a state of perpetual immaturity. I don’t care about it that much and I think I have a pretty good understanding of how things went down. And I didn’t need to waste tape by recording it on the VCR every day when this trial was occurring. You have your opinion of OJ and the jury and that’s fine, but it is no more legitimate than mine. I stick to my points and as far as I’m concerned you are blind to reality. But again…that is just an opinion.

We both agree that OJ was found not guilty by a jury of his peers and for the most part that should have been the end of it. Of course that did not happen.


HIP HIP HOORAY for DeedsResearcher & Dankwa Brooks. They brought the truth and nothing but the truth. In their following opinions, in my opinion, they brought facts and concrete statistics to support their opinions, and oh how I love that.

The opinions from the late late bloomers (they won’t be hard to find) aka, Oprah haters and those that speak before they think and/or know what the hell they are talking about, will have to bow their heads and say amen after reading Deeds & Dankwa’s words of wisdom.

Well, skip on down the road (read the comments) and then you make the call. Who’s on first, who’s laying in the comfort of popular opinion, and who’s simply talking out of their ass?


Stay classy, Oprah.

I always was convinced of OJ’s guilt. Even before the trial I read enough about his abuse of Nichole and his stalking of her to know that such a man was capable of murder. Unlike most of my black brethren I did not cheer when he was acquitted. In school I got into many heated arguments with black classmates and even my black friends. OJ is a murderer in my book and that makes him a scumbag.

That being said…the whole attention paid to his trial was a joke. Far more deserving stories needed to be covered, far more attention needed to be paid to more important topics. Unfortunately the media coverage of that “event” took America down a road that it has not recovered from. And while I feel pity for Nichole and Ron Goldman, I resent the fact that their families and the media made it look as if their deaths were the most tragic incident of all time and that OJ’s acquittal was the biggest travesty in the history of American justice. All the resources dedicated to that case and trial while other murder victims didn’t get an ounce of that attention was the true travesty.

Most importantly, like it or not, OJ was acquitted. A black man had the cash to play the same game in the court that rich whites had been playing for centuries. It doesn’t matter either that the prosecution was inadequate, that the jury was idiotic and that the police were hurt by the bigoted punks within their ranks. The man got a “not guilty” verdict and in America that is supposed to be the final say. But it was not the final say because white America and the media made it a point to make OJ’s life as miserable as possible (funny how the acquitted murderers of Emmit Till were allowed to live in peace for the vast majority of their remaining lives). They could not let it go.

So what does the Queen of All Media Whores want? She wants to add on by visiting OJ to interview, not to get his story, not to get his view of the last two decades, not to get a glimpse of how he thinks everything has gone wrong for him, not to get some insight. No, she simply wants him as a circus act. She wants him to perform for her. And the performance will only be worthy, will only get aired, if he admits to being guilty. If he says he didn’t do it, she will likely burn the footage because that is not the answer SHE WANTS. That’s some hubris right there. What an egomaniac. And she wants to do this not out of any sense of justice for the victims but for mere ratings. That’s called exploitation. But the sheep that keep worshipping the ground she walks on will eat it up. Oprah wants nothing more than another notch on her belt. If OJ has any sense, and I have my doubts about that, he would go along with it only to keep lying by claiming he was innocent. That would be great just for the fact that O would have wasted time and resources just to make the trip. I would hope that if OJ was to confess he would have the decency to do so first to his family, his children and the family members of the victims. I would hope Oprah would have enough class to want that too. However I have my doubts because she and OJ share one similar trait: a lack of a conscious.

Dankwa Brooks

64,688. That’s the number of people Oprah sent to college. I don’t give a damn if she EVER gave another red cent away that would be enough IMO. Also if she NEVER gave her money away that would be cool too. It’s her money, she’s not obligated to do a damn thing with it, but please herself.

When ODB was asked on MTV “what do you plan to do for the community?” He said “Nothin'” in that cute, I’m ignorant as f*ck way of course. And the correlation between him and Oprah, and YES there is one for this argument is, I have mad respect for his statement. Don’t bullsh*t us with good intentions if you are not going to follow them up. Keep it real.

As far as OJ, Oprah knows what a ratings juggernaut that would be and in the end she’s a ratings whore. That’s not an indictment of her, I LOVE OPRAH and whore for ratings is what they do in television, especially sweeps months. I ALWAYS try to catch any program during sweeps months because those are the best storylines, the best guests, and the best surprises.

Like DeedsResearcher said “The jurors who sat through the entire trial did not need a lot of time to render their verdict. They sat in the courtroom every day and heard the entire case.” That’s why I pretty much don’t question any verdict. I figure these jurors heard every piece of evidence presented to them and delivered a verdict that was just. If evidence was omitted or some other miscarriage of justice it’s not really their fault.


Let me say up front that I believe the verdict in the murder trial was correct: Not Guilty.
Having said that, an explanation is necessary.
First, before arriving at a proper and just verdict, it is important to get rid of the emotional aspects of the case, especially the horrendous pictures of Nicole from when she was allegedly beaten by Mr. Simpson. Since there was never a trial for that, I will not say she was or was not beaten by him: only that the pictures can easily arouse normal human emotions against the person who is alleged to have done the deed.
There was one extremely critical piece of evidence that, had it been introduced into evidence, would have resulted in a slam-dunk conviction. I have no doubt of that. The piece of evidence? Show me even one drop of Simpson’s blood on EITHER of the two victims, and I’d support a verdict of “Guilty”, beyond a reasonable doubt. Supposedly, he was bleeding profusely, but none of his blood was on either of the victims! How can that possibly be the case?
To answer that, consider the following:
When Simpson flew to Chicago for a planned meeting with Hertz executives, nobody noticed anything unusual about him or his demeanor. Certainly, nobody noticed any bandages or other signs of bleeding. On his trip home a number of people DID notice bandages, which gives some credence to the claim that he cut himself in his hotel room.
Furthermore, as soon as he arrived in LA, his first stop was at the LAPD where, among other things, he voluntarily gave a sample of his blood.
Think about that for a moment. Would a man freely give a blood sample if he KNEW his own blood was already at the crime scene? Not a chance!
The man who drew the blood did not bring it right up to the crime lab. Instead, he kept it in his station wagon for 3 hours, during which he paid a visit to the crime scene. At that particular time, one Mr. Furman was also at the scene. This is critical.
A tape-recorded interview was introduced into evidence, during which Furman used the “n” word repeatedly (something like 40 times, if I recall). He also stated quite clearly that the LAPD would “routinely plant evidence against blacks in order to get convictions against blacks”.

Do the words “planted evidence” mean anything to you?

In spite of spending some $9.5 million dollars to prosecute this case, the State could not bring in enough evidence to support a verdict of “Guilty beyond a reasonable doubt”. The jurors who sat through the entire trial did not need a lot of time to render their verdict. They sat in the courtroom every day and heard the entire case. My guess is that most of the Simpson haters out there really did not do the same, but got only snippets here and there. Too bad, but they don’t issue guilty verdicts in murder trials based on snippets of evidence. The body of evidence must prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Failing that, the only correct verdict must be not guilty”.

Sorry for the length of this message, but it was necessary to explain fully. I’m not saying SImpson is a Saint. He will never be invited to Tea at my residence! But bad behavior does not mean a person is guilty of murder.

Have a nice day, folks. May your consciences gain something out of this process.


Still can’t get on board with this. O isn’t saying she wants to interview him — she wants him to CONFESS. Those are her words. Confess what – that he got away with murder? Seems like she doesn’t give a damn of the evidence that was presented, that long ass trial televised morning noon and night for weeks and weeks or the final unanimous verdict of acquittal.

I’m hoping the real reason she’s drudging up all this crap now is because she has been talking to OJ for some time and maybe has bribed him with a huge paycheck to sit on her couch and say… absolutely nothing new. She gets the ratings hike, he gets the money he needs, and everyone else gets screwed. A happy ending for all.

Now if she gets the guys Rasheed listed (esp. Eddie Long) I would tune in for that anytime anywhere.


OJ? Really? What year is this again? This is such bullshit. Get a confession from real criminals like GW Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, or Rice. Or if she wants an easier (Black) target, get Eddie Long on the show. OJ. Jesus…


O, sit down!



OJ Simpson was found “Not Guilty” in the court of law.

“Not guilty” is by no means the same as “Innocent.”

A “not guilty” verdict means that at the time this case was brought to trial, the State did not prove its case against you.

But that doesn’t mean you’re innocent. Or guilty.

And thankfully, the state can’t retry the same charge again, even in light of new evidence (usually.) That’s Double Jeopardy.

Did OJ do it? I believe he did. But he isn’t the first person to get away with murder. I don’t get Oprah’s obsession with this case. She’s had other people on her show who committed crimes over the years and didn’t serve any time.

And I don’t get other people’s obsession with OJ. Damn, a brotha just can’t get away with nuthin these days.


Meh. Oprah looking to make White folks even happier by trying to force a Black man ACQUITTED of murder to admit something, he was not PROVEN to have done. SMH.


Mr. E Forde said: “Time Magazine, Newsweek & New York Post fall over themselves to state this woman made a significant impact on the media in USA & the world. I just don’t get it”

If I am not misstaken if I am not mistaken or I am living in a cave, or slipped back in time, those newspapers are established and credible news outlets that are not in the business of highlighting woman of color on the GP. If that is true (which it is) my question goes right back to you E Forde, what don’t you get and what are you missing.?

Now don’t take this personally (cuz I don’t know you) but could it be that you are too busy smelling your upper lip, and pouting over Oprah’s fame, that you can’t can see the brilliance of this woman? I mean, I question your inability to see why Oprah is championed by so many, and why you have a closed eye to all that she has accomplished, and done for others, especially black folks. Huh, what are you missing and why don’t you open your eyes and pick up your lips so you can see where you‘re going?

Is she a great role model for women of color? HELL YEAH! Is she a great role model for young black children? You bet she is (that can’t be denied). Did she open the door to many black faces and thus, turned the media upside down? Hell yes! Has anyone highlighted more people of color than Oprah Winfrey? Hell no!

Mr. E Forde, tell me true, it’s gotta be something inside you, cuz Oprah’s cards and all her laundry are sitting on the curb for the world to see, so show me what you’re working with, or I’ll be left to do a “back atcha”…. you said: “It just illustrates why I can never take the “O” seriously and ask myself how is it that America takes this woman seriously”. Okay E, really, seriously, do I hear the pot calling the skillet black?! But then again, maybe you do not live in America, and thus, you don’t know what you’re talking about?

**slapping my hands**

Sorry Cynthia, I had to go there (today) because I was going through insigator and “be nice” withdrawal. It’s hard being nice and politically correct… all the damn time *lol*.

E Forde

Thanks for posting this.

It just illustrates why I can never take the “O” seriously and ask myself how is it that America takes this woman seriously.

Time Magazine, Newsweek & New York Post fall over themselves to state this woman made a significant impact on the media in USA & the world. I just don’t get it.




“The man was found “not guilty” in a court of law”

Hello! Ring-a-ding-ding-ding! The man didn’t do it.

Let’s say it again, the law, johnny law, the hands of justice said the preponderance of the evidence weighed on his side. So why are all the arm-chair judges, do or die naysayers and billy goat gruff’s, swinging on the nut sack of those that believed O.J. killed this po sweet white woman?

And, Y’all know I love me some Oprah, so don’t make me come up in here and pimp slap some folks. I mean, I don’t believe Oprah needs to pimp and pander, nor do I know her motive. However, if I know anything about Oprah, I know she’s going to do the thang right. .. in a way that no other black woman on earth has ever done.

And who was that suggested what Oprah should do with HER money? Give me a break and do a little reserach on Oprah and all the millions she has given to causes no other human (black folks especially) has ever tackled, and for the most part, are too afraid (or uninformed) to even talk about. Get off the couch and talk about something you know.

So, in short, I say, miss me with that bu*l shit.

eshowoman, the cranky film critic

Oh please, Oprah is such a panderer, how about taking that energy and funds and start a school for girls of color in war torn Chicago???

David Alexander

Maybe if he confesses, she’ll give him a new car!


Uh, Kunle, I got new for you. He did it. Which should be the more concerning issue about this interview. Everyone but 5 people in the world know he did it. So what’s the point of getting him to admit it?


A clear sign of desperation from Oprah. Not looking forward to it.

Kunle Adekolo

This is why I have never been and will never be an Oprah fan. The man was found “not guilty” in a court of law, and she wants him to admit that he did it. Why?!! Was she there the night of the murders? Does she have some info that the rest of the world doesn’t have? This is what she ended her talk show to do– to dedicate her life to incriminating folks?

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