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Prequel To “Takers” In Development?

Prequel To "Takers" In Development?

So says star Chris Brown on Twitter HERE , stating: “S/O 2 every1 watching Takers…talked studio into writing a PREQUEL..”

Producer Will Packer of Rainforest Films, who produced the original, didn’t quite back Brown up, but didn’t deny it either, saying in a follow-up tweet, “Guess it’s time 2 go 2 work again *puts down margarita*.’

So should we expect a prequel to last summer’s heist flick which starred Idris Elba, Hayden Christensen, Paul Walker, Chris Brown, Matt Dillon, Michael Ealy and others?

Well, you might recall last summer’s talk of a prequel to the movie, specifically, producer and co-star T.I., Brown and Ealy sounded off on that in the video below, with MTV News , a week or so before the film was in theaters.

I just wanna see how this eclectic group of people got together… It’s interesting. We talk about back-story [a little bit], but how did this British guy, this guy from the South and this surfer guy, how did they all come together to form this crew? That’s going to be interesting to see, if it all comes together,” said Michael Ealy.

There are definitely whispers around the studio about that… Some phone calls have been made about that. But ultimately, it depends on what happens on August the 27th,” said T.I. Of course, August 27th was the day the film was released, and he’s referring to how well it would do (and did) on opening weekend.

So… how did Takers do at the box office? It made just over $20 million during its opening weekend, almost $58 million domestic, and more than $69 million worldwide (I guessed $60 to $70 million in total last summer before the film opened). I don’t have ancillary market numbers, but, given the film’s $32 million production budget, I’d say it did well enough to inspire a second movie.

I should note that the $32 million was the highest ever for the Rainforest Films gang (they produced the film). And they’ve got a pretty good track record with their last few theatrically released films – Obsessed shocked the world and opened at $28 million, going on to make close to $70 million; before that, This Christmas opened at $18 million, and made $50 in total; and prior to that, Stomp The Yard opened at $21 million and ended up with a $61 million box office take.

So, on average, their films are raking in about $60 million in ticket sales, with their budgets growing from film to film. Stomp The Yard & This Christmas had estimated budgets of $13 million; Obsessed’s tab was about $20 million; and, as already stated, Takers tops them all at $32 million. So, as long as they keep proving they’re detractors wrong, and their films continue to make money for the studio’s backing them, who knows what kind of budgets will be allotted for their next film(s) – the adaptation of Steve Harvey’s Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man, and, apparently, a prequel to Takers… if it actually does happen.

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@lee I’m with you. Bring on the mindless fun and eye candy! :D


A prequel?

Will they rip Ocean’s 11 instead of The Italian Job for heist sequences?

More importantly, will they hire a new graphic artists to design the poster sans bobblehead-infused photoshop-tiffery?

I wonder if any of these folks (Idris, Paul, Hayden) will come back to this? I mean, really. The money might be good, the box-office might’ve been ‘surprisingly’ sweet, but there was nothing particularly unique (save for the overuse of blue…and then, not even that) about the feature?

I enjoyed the film. Once. Hadn’t brought myself to watch it again, no matter how tempting the spectrum of eye-candy.

I wish it had been ‘more’ than what it resulted in. But perhaps the starts and stops that weren’t exactly played out can be explained in the prequel…


This may sound shallow and superficial but with all the eye candy in Takers, I look forward to the prequel. The movie is mindless fun, I don’t think it was meant to be intellectually stimulating.


Let’s see, I am on a roll today (little time on my hands) so why stop now.

So, it appear some folks are getting negro rich off of littering the screen with stompin and bumpin’ and acting like a lady but being a damn fool like a damn fool should. Where is Paul Harvey when I need him… I need to hear the rest of the story.

Listen, rappers and clappers and they all fall down. Take a look at the following cast…. there’s Idris Elba, Hayden Christensen, Paul Walker, Chris Brown, Matt Dillon, Michael Ealy and TI? Now, take a look at the black faces and then name the actors. But wait, I ain’t talking about clowns pretending to be actors.

Okay, I’ll start. Michael Ealy is a person that always looks like he’s acting. He brings no soul nor realness to any of his parts. T. I…. CORNY! Chris Brown? Can I say it, Bobby Brown without a crack pipe. And does Idris know how to smile?

Look, a prequel to “takers”? Gag me with a spoon. I could get past 30 minutes of the first ridiculous bank heist. Come on. T.I. gets out of the joint and he keeps his prison wristband on?! And that’s how they track them down!?? Damn Damn Damn, and they do much of their business/talk – OUTSIDE?! And that’s how the po-po gets closer to them?!

Anyway, it looks like the black muddy rain drops from Rainforest Films will continue to fall on our heads while we sing satisfied, with the chorus joining in the background… “oh baby don’t you weep -but we need more black represention in films – ooohh be dupe..

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