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Prince Rogers Nelson Was Born Today… Consider “Purple Rain” As A Psychological Thriller

Prince Rogers Nelson Was Born Today... Consider "Purple Rain" As A Psychological Thriller

Today in historyJune 7th, 1958, Prince Rogers Nelson, aka Prince, the singer, songwriter and musician whose hits are too plentiful to name them all, and cross several genres, was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Dude is 53 years old today!

His music can be found on the soundtracks of many films and TV shows, from those in which he also starred, like Purple Rain, to Spike Lee’s Girl 6, to the popular TV series Glee, most recently.

In total, I counted 3 Prince feature films – Graffiti Bridge (1990), Under the Cherry Moon (1986) and Purple Rain (1984). But, as far as I know, there’s never been an attempt to turn his life’s story in a feature film. Too soon, I guess. The “honor” is usually reserved for those who’ve passed on.

Check out the below trailer for Purple Rain which a fan recut to make it look like a psychological thriller:

And here’s the real trailer:

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I am so glad that I was not the only who thought about Mr. Nelson on his big day, although, he probably didn’t think twice about it. himself. Since he’s a Jehovah Witness, he doesn’t celebrate but his fans surely do. He looks better than ever as always! No one and I mean no one has done it better than Prince Rogers Nelson!

James Madison

..and that trailer is a riot!!!

James Madison

A visionary artist.

Was one of the few who adapted and utilized the Internet in it’s infancy.

Happy Birthday.

charlene Wright



Okay, for the record lets get something straight, I am not gay but that Prince is a pretty mutherfuker *lol*

Okay, that mfer got that look that will make a man turn his head.

Moving on.

I have a home boy from my home town, Rock Island Ill, Jessie Johnson, who played with The Time. Come on now, the Time was poppin’ and who can forget Morris Day?

Anyway, everybody knows the Time and Prince came out ot the same city and were thick as theive, so my introduction to Prince takes me back a few years.

But man, has anybody down it better than Prince? I mean, that man peeled off hit after hit after hit. I know some are champing the songtrack from Purple Rain, but “Scandelous” from Batman, gets my vote.

And the man’s music was so broad. One minute he would have me in the corner, way in the back of the joint, cheek to cheek, hips to hips, thighs on thighs, with my speacial girl (for that night) doing the slow and nasty, and the next mintute he’d have me jumping around like a freakin’ fool, as I tried to “lets go Crazy”.

Wonderful days, wonderful times. There will never be another like Prince.

Michael A. Gonzales

I’ve always considered Purple Rain to be a great science fiction/cyberfunk movie. Like Strange Days…


And thus, the “color purple” was truly born.

Prince needs to bless the screen again with his oh so unique side-eye shenanigans.

Happy B-Day!


Pretty nice trailer! LOL! I was 8 years old when it came out. My family was already Prince fans so you know we were going to see the movie the first weekend. The whole fam went. Mom, Dad, me and my older brother. I remember thinking about how hype the crowd was during the movie. It was JUST like going to a real concert. People were screaming at the top of their lungs and swaying their arms during Purple Rain Climax.

Also, a couple of years ago there was an outside showing of Purple Rain in Prospect Park in Brooklyn. It seemed like a million people there. It was a sing a long showing so they had song lyrics scrolling at the bottom of the screen. That was so much fun. People were quoting the movie and singing along with the songs. Great, great experience.


“Sign O’The Times” was also released as a feature concert film in theaters in ’87.


Looks good for 53. Happy B’Day! I remember there being a Behind the Music type show where he discussed his childhood and upbringing… don’t think anybody would want to see that. Then you’ve got The Time members still out there…. Wait another 30 years.

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