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“Red Tails” Director, Anthony Hemingway, Reveals Film’s Release Date!

"Red Tails" Director, Anthony Hemingway, Reveals Film's Release Date!

We’ve long wondered WTF happened to the George Lucas-produced Tuskegee Airmen actioner, Red Tails; very little news has surfaced since last year’s rumor that Lucas was unhappy with what had been done with the film at that point, and had essentially taking it over from director Anthony Hemingway and writer John Ridley. Although, Lucas’ people denied those rumors.

Still, it’s been a long while since anything has been reported on this… until news surfaced about a week ago, which announced that jazz-man, and Spike Lee’s favorite composer, Terence Blanchard, will score the film, which will be recorded in Prague this month.

And now, today, director Anthony Hemingway revealed, via Twitter, that Red Tails will be in theaters in January 2012!

Whether or not that’s *official* remains to be seen, but, he is the director. Nothing from LucasFilm yet though. But with both pieces of news, I think it’s safe to say that it’s not entirely a dead project, and gives us some idea as to where exactly in the production process it stands.

At this rate, we just might see a trailer, clips, etc, in the next month or two, if not sooner.

The film’s cast includes: Terrence Howard, Cuba Gooding Jr., Nate Parker, David Oyelowo, Tristan Wilds, Method Man, Lee Tergesen, Ne-Yo, Elijah Kelley, Andre Royo and Jesse Williams.

Stay tuned…

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jamaa fanaka

Good luck Hemingway and the Black writers of what I believe is to be an important and lasting piece of cinema. My mentor, Brig. General Celes King, Jr., was a proud "Tuskegee Airman" and belonged to the organization of Tuskegee Airman. My 95 year-0ld father, Robert L. Gordon, Sr., paid his Tuskegee tuition by assisting World Famous Scientist, George Washington Carver, in his laboratory on the Tuskegee campus. As a Black filmmaker, I especially wish for the success of REDD TAILS, but my connections with the traditionally Black school make me an even more avid fan of the film—even before I see it. I'm kinda ashamed that I hadn't heard of Mr. Hemingway and the film's writers before, but I'm sure that I'll be hearing goo-gobs about them in the near and distant future. I hope I'm not overstepping myself by wishing GOOD LUCK to the Black writers and directors of RED TAILS from all of us members of 'LA/REBELLION: Creating a New Black Cinema.' LA/REBELLION just completed the Los Angeles leg of the screenings of many of the moving pictures made by Black UCLA Film Students of the rebellious '70's. Check the LA/REBELLION program out as it moves across the country and AROUND THE WORLD.

Dankwa Brooks

Dubious casting indeed. Don’t know about this one. Not THAT curious. LOL.


Give me some Lance Gross Pleeze!!!! HOT HOT HOT!!!

James Madison

Some dubious casting but i am curious to see it.

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