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Shia LaBeouf Says No To ‘Transformers 4’; Michael Bay Says Small Crime Flick ‘Pain & Gain’ Is Next

Shia LaBeouf Says No To 'Transformers 4'; Michael Bay Says Small Crime Flick 'Pain & Gain' Is Next

Update: New “Transformers 4” trailer here.

With “Transformers: The Dark Of The Moon” set to rape your eyeballs and eardrums this long holiday weekend, it looks like if the franchise wants to continue, it may have to do so without two of its key elements thus far.

“When you’re a racehorse and you’ve got 20 trainers, all the trainers want the racehorse to run a certain way,” “Transformers” franchise star Shia LaBeouf recently told the LA Times. “…I’ve been running for a team of people for a long time and I don’t take any of it back. … I’ve learned a great deal about a certain type of filmmaking. But I have ambitions toward another type of filmmaking that I haven’t been allowed to engage in yet.”

At only 25 years old, LaBeouf has lived a lifetime already on screen, running from robots hell bent on destroying the Earth while trying to show off his acting chops in films like “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps” and his segment in “New York, I Love You.” To be fair, before he became a worldwide star thanks to Michael Bay, LaBeouf was already delving into more dramatically oriented work like “Bobby” and “A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints” and it looks like he wants to move back in that direction and put the series that made his name behind him for now.

“I just don’t think right now there’s anywhere to take Sam,” he told MTV News about any future installments, though leaving the door open. “If you’d asked me fifteen years ago if I would be here, I would’ve said, ‘No way.’ I don’t have a grand plan. There’s not this grand scheme. I just fall into movies. I’m blessed in that regard. The movies I’ve been involved in, it’s never been plotted and planned and picked. I was seventeen when I met Michael, and I’m sort of Michael Bay-raised. I’ve learned a great deal from Michael, as a person, as an actor, as a person on set. And it’s not that I don’t enjoy working with Michael. I love working with Michael. I would do any movie Michael wants to do. I just don’t think there’s anywhere to take it with Sam.”

But it’s not just LaBeouf who wants to do something different after spending the last half decade steeped in Hasbro lore, as director Michael Bay has already announced his next project. You may not remember, but way back in 2009 Bay said he wanted to do a small movie, based on a Miami News Times article from 1998 titled “Pain And Gain” about a gang of body building criminals, and he says it’s still on the slate.

“I’m still going to do it,” Bay told MTV. “I’m going to do it next.” The project would be budgeted in the neighborhood of $20 million or roughly the cost of 3 minutes of footage from ‘Dark Of The Moon.’ But actually, it’s kind of a fascinating prospect to see Bay go small scale so we kind of hope that happens because the results could be very, very interesting.

But with ‘Dark Of The Moon’ predicted to take in the neighborhood of $155-165 million this weekend, you can bet Paramount will do all they can to either secure LaBeouf or Bay for another go round. Sure, they could just reboot or retool another entry as a prequel or spinoff (“Transformers 4: The Chronicles Of Huntington-Whiteley” anyone?) but that requires a bit more work in securing talent, writers etc. We figure Bay is done and moving on, but LaBeouf? We’d wager if they can get a director on board that also meets his desires to expand his horizons a little bit that could work and keep the young actor interested in the further adventures of Sam Witwicky.

At any rate, LaBeouf is already going to show a whole different side of himself in John Hillcoat‘s period bootlegging drama “The Wettest County” due later this year — his performance and the reception of that film will likely also inform whether or not the actor can leave the Autobots behind. But food for thought as after ‘Dark Of The Moon,’ Transformers fans may have to wait a little longer for their next robot smashing take on the toys.

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He should have

shaibaz khan

please bring back Shia Saide LaBeouf as a lead actor in transformer 5 he was the best In this series

Jerome Lupisan

I'm not a fan of the Sam character, but it would've been better if there was an explanation. While the events were going on, wouldn't Sam see it on the news? He wouldn't want to locate Bee and Prime?

The father-daughter subplot's for the kids, but I'd rather see Marky Mark shooting Transformers with an alien gun than Sam running around trying to outdo the Autobots in combat.

kelly steffens

I watched this movie without knowing Shia would be in it. I assumed that because it was a Transformers movie OF COURSE IT WOULD HAVE SHIA LEBEOUF. Then (to my shock and disappointment) the movie dragged on and on and all I did the entire time is look for when Shia would come into the scene. I didn't even watch the movie really because the whole time I just kept looking for the best part…..Shia Lebeouf duh!!!! Now I realize that he was what made the movie so good to me in the past. And now, no thank you. I'm a girl, I don't give a shit about cars or metal parts. I watch movies for the humor and the antics. Without Shia there is none and Transformers is now monotonous to me. Just alot of metal and artillery that changes shape. wwwooowww I have already seen enough of that to find it interesting any longer without the funny dialogue from Sam Witwicky


I hate it when they change the main cast on movies. The whole transformers started with Sam. He's a huge part of the movies. I'm not even gonna bother watching this one.

Optimus Prime

I would do anything to be in a Transformers film, why the hell did Shia say no. There could be loads to do with Sam.

DE Anomaly

I saw the movie a few nights ago, and the only thing I didn't like is how they didn't explain what happened to Sam. However, I could really care less about Shia, Transformers made him, and he chose to walk. In a few years, I firmly believe no one is going to think twice about Shia.


I saw the movie yesterday and it had a lot of the key elements of the other movie I.E. lots of action but the only thing it didn't like about the movie was (and if you have seen it then you know) that it made absolutely no sense at all. I mean there was not even a mention of what happened to sam whitwicky (i know its probably spelled wrong) or the whitwicky family and Bee was his guardian so i know he wouldn't leave him unless he is trying to protect him or he died. But Usually when a cast member quits, the director of the movies tells what happens to them but in this movie nothing. Maybe that means (i know my hopes are probably too high) that sam whitwicky will return in a future transformers movie.




today i saw the movie . IT WAS GREAT loved it but sucks how shia isnt in it :( i mean i waS really sad. Sam & Bee have like a connection and i find that so cute and i really love it and its sad how the connection is gone :( i want him to be in 5th one why would he change his mind? did he want more money? i dont know but i want shia back somehow. i dont care about megan maybe shia can come back and be with tessa (marks daughter in the movie) forget shane ._. ugh it wouldnt be boring with him again just sam and bumble bee click and i want that click to like still be there /: autobots need him we need sam back :c but GREAT movie loved it amazing just SAM come back i dont know what changed your mind i dont know why either


No Shia no movie. No one can replace him


Stop it guys,we all love shia but come wahlbergs gud too seein the trailer trnsfmr 4 is gon b off the hook.what,u want shia to do all ten trnsfmrs now,it would b boring to see same character ,look at fast n furius from five,six now seven ish is changing n becoming bolder.all m sayin is salute to the old and salute to the new long as movie wil still kick ass


Yes I would not be going to the movies for the new Transformers Movie.It just would not be the same sorry Autobots!
NO no no no go for me this suck!


I Totally AGREEEEEEEEE, they woo you with characters that you grow to love and you keep going back for more and when it really starts getting GOOD – they up and change all the faces that you were rooting for. ITS JUST NOt the same.
F&Furious producers and directors knows this – why haven't they changed anyone. cause all the characters are there bringing viewers back its the family we want to see on screen. M. Wahlberg isn't bad – but BEE, optimus and witwicky has chemistry that can't be replaced or copied it has to be the original family.


True true true. Movie wont be same. But at least its an Actor I repsect, Mark Wahlburg. I will still see it, unlike the new Batman with that flaming f@ggot Ben Affleck playing Batman


No Sam Witwitcky "Shia LaBeouf" , no Transformers movie to watch this year.


haha,.. i think better change the title, don't use Transformers. coz without shia (sam witwitcky) it ain't Transformers. i can pick another title for you Bay!! jusk ask me.


At least I know what movie not to watch this year unless they change there minds


It is absolutely wrong to make another transformers without the human cast Michael Bay I know you are a genius but to think u will have even remotely the same success without them is stupid you are going to ruin a great set of movies sorry but you are gonna kill transformers.


No Shia LaBeouf!! i defanetaly wont be watching the movie. Im a big Transformer's fan and cant even imagine anyone else driving Bee.

Connor perreault

shia you really should do it its not going to be the same without you. you where really amazing of playing sam we need you again don`t give up please.

Padrean khalifa

If Shia Doesnt Want To Do It I Promise I'll Do It But One thing I Am A Teenager Give Me A Chance In I'll Make You Millions Or Even Billions Or Even Trillions.I'm A Genius Let Me Do The Job.


Make a war for cybertron movie please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

no gain

no shia no movie..there are just some movies you CANT change the characters in..and he is/was one of them …they will surely loose alot of money if they try to do it without him

Selina Koch

Ohne Shai wäre Transformers dumm !!!
Ohne Shai kein Transformers was wird dann aus Bee wie wollen die das denn machen ???
Sam und Bee Forever !!! ;)


I don't think they should make another movie if Shia isn't in it! He does have a point though. There isn't really anywhere you can take Sam at this point. All the bad guys are dead. Who else would come in? Besides, me being a HUGE Transformers and Shia fan, I would be VERY sad and disappointed if he wasn't in it. Everyone had their part that made this series amazing. But I still love Shia no matter what choice he makes. :) ALSO, if anyone drove Bumblebee in this next movie and if its not Shia then all hell will pay!!!!!!!!!! Bee has one guardian and that's Sam Witwicky!!!!!!




that sucks they should do that movie it wouldn't be the same with a different director and and a different actor as sam


Stay stay please Shia will ruin the movies if u leave for sure, bring u n Megan back 100% u want everyone to follow these brill films then Shia n Megan u need to come back. We love u guys, UR Daft if you don't stay mwah


Its fair to say that 'nobody' wants Shia LaBeouf to leave Tranformers. Yes i totally agree. Shia makes the films, if he leaves the hole point of Tranformers been based on him (sam) would be a waste of time. I cant think of anyone better to do the part, other then Shia. You've already taken one cast member out aka megan fox.. She (megan) should be brought back too. I feel that if you change the cast members the ratings wont be as good! my opinion. Shia LaBeouf dont leave… me or any of your fans wouldn't like you too. You make the film!!! STAY Shia LaBeouf

LaBeouf must not leave we already lost megan we cnt afford to loose him, that blonde lady they replaced megan with….tried her best but its just not the same without megan….so please ensure that LaBeouf does not leave……"do it for us the fans…please LaBeouf"


its not transformers without michael bay or shia labeouf. it was already sucky without megan but now no shia… its terrible . PLEZE dont leave


shia please don't leave


Rosie is extremely HOT!!But Megan brought the SPICE to the movie!!


Rosie sucks. Bring Megan back!

Kevin Jagernauth

Jess, that sounds like characters from a Nintendo game I once played.

Jessica Kiang

Please tell me that “Pain & Gain” will feature two rival bodybuilders, John Pain and Steve Gain.


If they do involve a new director and Michael Bay moves on, can we bring back Megan Fox? Rosie was okay, but Megan brought the heat and actually has some acting chops. Not the best but better than Rosie


The use of the word rape in the first sentence of this post is incredibly unecessary


19 million was the original Bad Boys budget, so maybe something in that vein


They should bring Sam back in the future aka Shia Transformers 6 would be a great start

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