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Showtime Developing Project That Explores 1970s Music Scene From All Perspectives

Showtime Developing Project That Explores 1970s Music Scene From All Perspectives

From a Deadline exclusive:

Showtime is getting groovy with a drama project about the 1970s music industry. The pay cable network has bought Vinyl, a spec script… Barry Levinson attached to direct… Set in 1970s Los Angeles, Vinyl explores every aspect of the music business through multiple vantage points — from the record executives and rock stars to the drug pushers and the prostitutes, from the stage to the boardroom to the DJ booth.

Sounds like a Traffic-esque project; I’m interested; as long as they don’t leave out notable movements in funk, disco, jazz, R&B, and even hip-hop. I pity the fools who have decided to tackle this project :)

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a doc would be more interesting, assuming all of the 70s musical notables were included. Is that too much to ask?

Miles Ellison

It would be surprising if this was any good. When it comes to music, Hollywood has to whitewash everything. It’s like a sex urge.


oooh I WILL be tuning in for this! I can’t see them NOT showing something of the black artists who influenced a majority of the signature sounds of that decade: Soul, Funk, Disco, then I would be utterly befuddled. They would get the dunce cap for that.


Of course they won’t leave those elements out.

They’ll tell us how KC & the Sunshine Band invented funk, Saturday Night Fever/The Bee Gees launched the disco dance craze, and how influential blue-eyed soul was during the era. And any references to Jimi Hendrix will be mostly on his wild sex/drug life, not his one in a few lifetimes brilliance. Can’t wait.

And I do love these White bands mentioned, aside from the snark. It would be interesting if they depict how different genres mixed like never before in the 70’s, like Sly’s funk & rock, etc–actually I can’t imagine taking on a project this scope as drama instead of a doc should be interesting

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