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“Sorry Dude…I Just Don’t Get It” Film List (Survey)

"Sorry Dude...I Just Don't Get It" Film List (Survey)

Every now and then you get films that gain a lot of hype–either from fans or critics–and, quite frankly, YOU JUST DON’T GET IT! Well today is your day. You get to name all those flicks and explain why. We did this list last year and I thought this would be the perfect time to bring it back since the summer movie flicks are barreling out now.

Consider this a “confessional” and your opportunity to finally admit to yourself, and others, that the film everyone seems to go on and on about…just sucks!

So to get things started, I’ll come out my “film closet” and finally admit Inception blows! Yep, I said it. It sucks. How bad did it suck you ask? Well, I fell asleep. I never fall asleep watching a film and when I finally woke up I was pissed at all of you people that blew it up to kingdom come. Unfortunately, another film starring Leonardo DiCaprio also makes that list…Shutter Island.

I could on but this isn’t about me. I want to hear your thoughts so please chime in and fess up!

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Harry Potter-all 20 movies,books-LOL
The Matrix-1,2,3-yawn
Lord of the Rings-yawn
The Hangover 1 and 2-isn’t it just Porky’s all over again?
Titanic and Avatar -Cameron sold out
Dark Knight-its a freaking Batman movie whats original here?
Spiderman-Really? These were meant to be Epic?


I have to agree with Laura

The Lord of the Rings. What’s up with all the hype. Maybe because it was a fanboy movie. I was disappointed I was bored. I truly wanted to like it. Only character I enjoy was Frodo’s ace boon coon samwise. Viggo is sexy sexy (oh yeah and a good actor) Dull as cold spaghetti. Didn’t bother finish watching the film (netflix)

Virgin Suicide. Was not engaged at all. Fell a sleep in the middle of the film. Couldn’t care less that the girls offed themselves. I felt film was not emotionally and socially plausible. The authorities would have stepped in when the girls stop attending school after the first daughter committed suicide. You’re bold enough to have sex on the roof with strangers but you are not bold enough walk out your home. You rather commit suicide. Not!!!!

Bored to tears..


As usual, I have to take a side street. I am more surprised at what people didn’t like than what others found enjoyable.

For instance the following:

Benjamin Button
The English Patient
Blue Velvet
The hangover
Man On Fire

Okay, I know everyone’s list is subjective, however, when I think of over-hyped films, I try to seek first to understand. I look and listen for why it’s being hyped. You know, what specific qualities of the film are being hyped. Is it the acting, okay, lets see. Is it the special affects, okay, let me take a look. Is it gripping suspence and deep drama that’s ushering in the all the cheers, well, lets see if it’s worthy of such praise.

But in the end, I am reminded of something Monique said in the podcast. She said something about the “type” of individuals that comment here at S & A . Now I am not saying there’s anything wrong with that “type” and neither was she, but I believe most people that visit this site look a little deeper into movies than the aveage viewer.

But having said that, I am still smh at someone who would think that the Titanic was over-hyped? But on another note, I wonder how much a person’s age has to do with their selections, and to a large degree (looking at some selections) if they’ve ever been deeply in love or hurt by love. I mean, our life’s experiences shape who we are and what we like and don’t like, and what we find funny – or not.

Hell, some people laugh at fart jokes. I never thought that shit was funny on the screen or in my company.

Like the Titanic, The English Patient was a love story. I adore love stories for so many reasons. English Patient was slow, but slow love is the best love… take your time and do it right.

Lastly, some folks jump on Tyler’s neck and say his stuff is not funny. I’ve laughed at several of his “scenes”. I question those that can not laugh at some of Tyler’s stuff.

Having said all of that *smile* I have to agree with Gangs Of New York and Broke Back Mountain.

Gangs Of New York was a cappy mess. Was it suppose to be a spoof or what? The acting was poor and the plot was ridiculous.

Broke Back “slap that nasty ass” Mountain… GTFOOH!

And damn, two of the movies (maybe even 3) on others lists, are on my top 50 list. I guess it comes down to different strokes for different black folks. But the next itme I go looking for a long term mate, I ain’t going to ask her if she can cook (but a woman that can’t cook is like a car without tires) instead, I am going to ask her to fill out her favorite movie list and “hated it” list. Cuz, you know, those lists alone will say so much about a person – imo.

Dankwa Brooks

Most of the stuff I just don’t get happen to be “classics of cinema”. Maybe it was the time period or whatever, but some I just don’t get. I have noticed that generally I don’t get movies made before I was born (1971) or before he 80’s. I’ll save the film I just didn’t get until the end

@Sergio whaaa?

love jones (The BEST of the “black romance” movies)

Unforgiven (Excellent! And I don’t even like westerns)

@Monique In my review of The Hangover: Part 2 I said “It was just as funny as Part 1…and Part 1 wasn’t all that.”


Prestige: I thought was very good!

Batman Begins: I kinda felt the same way, but because I love the sequel so much, I’m gonna give it another try

Dark Knight: Very good.

Inception: Excellent!

I REALLY LIKED Alien 3 too. I kinda hated that they killed off Hicks & Newt, but it was their choice to take it in a new direction. Also I’m amazed it was so good despite the fact that the studio put the director David Fincher through hell on what was his FIRST feature.

@Kia Blair witch project… what was that about again—wasn’t interesting. I AGREE


Gladiator (2000): Extremely overrated. I AGREE

Up (2009): The first 20 minutes or so were MAGIC, but I lost interest as soon as they actually went “up”. I DISAGREE. I thought it was excellent and a wonderful film.

@bohemian_princess I thought The Social Network was excellent and deserved Best Picture, but I’m not mad that The King’s Speech won it too was excellent.

TO ALL about Avatar. I’m sorry, I saw it in theaters in 3D and I thought it was CINEMATIC EXCELLENCE and by that I mean it REALLY immersed me in the experience. YES it was highly derivative of Cameron’s other pictures most notably The Abyss and especially Aliens. Instead of a fake Lesbian Latina he got a real one among other things. The trailer looked too bugged out for me, but once I committed myself to seeing it I went and it was…you know. I bought the Blu-Ray and I still enjoyed it immensely. Did it deserve Best Picture? Probably.  For the cinematic experience and cinematic innovations, but I’m glad Hurt Locker won. I thought it was really good and I say while Avatar did more with MORE HL did more with LESS and that’s why I think it won.

I totally disagree with opinions about Shutter Island. It was very good and the ONLY thing that makes me not want to call it excellent is it was too damn long. If they cut 45 minutes out of it, it would have been excellent.

Now my film I just don’t get —CRASH

@Kia Crash… I can’t except that Dillion’s char who is a racist, sexist and rapist is suppose to the be the hero? Get the f**K outta here. Loved Thandie, hated this movie. Way too many stereotypical biases to be the epitome of films about racism. Please.

YES Crash is the film I just didn’t get. It was everything Kia said plus EXTREMELY MAUDLIN. It is one of the prime examples that I use to point out why films dealing with issues of race and racism deserve a minority director!

Joe Doughrity

Anything by Terrence Malick except BADLANDS. Sigh… Wake me when his movies are done please.


All “The Lord of the Rings” movies.
Godfather movies


Thelma & Louise — walked out

Napoleon Dynamite — Boring beyond measure


Pulp Fiction – the hype that film got is still beyond my level of comprehension

Inglorious Bastards – two words – sleep aid

Daughters of the Dust – As a filmmaker, I felt obligated to like this film, but could never finish it.

Lost In Translation – oscar worthy????


“My dinner with Andre” – Maye I’m not high brow enough, but it simply bored me.

“Blair Witch Project” – It was just not scary. – pretty bad for a horror flick.


I thought I was the only one! I had to fight to stay awake during Inception. I didn’t, however walk out on it, like I did Battlefield Earth. No words have yet been created, to describe how badly that movie sucked.


The Social Network – one of the most overrarted movies of the last 20 years.
The Hangover- barely cracked a smile
The Social Network- so overrated it deserved another mention.


Inception was terrible. Really really dire. I think people just like it when people frolick in snow while wearing white.

Titanic – er… “I’ll never let go Jack, but you need to get your a** off this door so I can get the heck outta here?!!” What?!


Titanic – I think I shouldn’t have watched the bonus features because there were a few cut scenes (thankfully) that made me laugh when I’m quite sure I was supposed to cry. It was horrible. Yet funny. A grand opus of cinematic proportion (much like Avatar) but I could only view it once.


In regards to David Lynch’s films, I love them all, but I understand his films aren’t for everyone. I personally understand his films perfectly because I’ve grown fully accustomed to his style. “Blue Velvet” in particular is one of my top 10 favorite films.


The Hangover
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Man On Fire
TV Series Turned Films: Get Smart, SWAT, Flintstones, Rocky and Bullwinkle
Remakes: The Longest Yard, The Manchurian Candidate, The Jackal, Stepford Wives, Walking Tall
Any Movie Starring an Actor in Drag


David Lynch’s ERASER HEAD.



Speaking of David Lynch… Mulholland Drive… Alright, I’ve watched this several times. No aversion to avante gardish films (was this more of a filmnoir?), but this one takes the cake. How MD got nominated for anything w/o a direct consultation with Mr. Lynch as one watches the film is baffling? I love subtext, but wtf was going on? A movie should not be this puzzling.


– Up (2009): The first 20 minutes or so were MAGIC, but I lost interest as soon as they actually went “up”.
– Brokeback Mountain (2005): Definitely features some great performances, but it left me cold. I really wish I could’ve loved the film more, I’m in the minority when saying that I believe “Crash” deserved its BP win.
– Manhattan (1979): I’m a die-hard Woody Allen film ( I own “Scoop” on DVD for Heavens sake) but I was just bored by this one. I had waited so long to see it and when I finally did I found it to be extremely underwhelming.
– Gladiator (2000): Extremely overrated, boring and a joy-less experience.
– The Wicker Man (1973): Not as bad as the remake, but I just didn’t get the hype. it was weird but never eerie or thrilling, which is pretty much the point of all horror or thriller films right?
– Gangs of New York (2002): It’s not a horrible film, but it’s far from being Marty’s best. Something about it just seems very self-conscious and incomplete in a way. I wasn’t able to lose myself in this film and that was a first for me and Scorsese.
– Ballast (2008): It hurt me to not love this movie. The only believable performance came from Tarra Riggs, who was phenomenal, and the cinematography is beautiful but it had a similar effect on me as Brokeback Mountain. I didn’t really feel anything afterwards.
– A Serious Man (2009): I love the Coens and I know that this was a deeply personal film for them, but it was a bit of a chore to sit through.
– An American in Paris (1951): “It’s a classic…BLAH BLAH BLAH,” it was boring.

…I could probably go on forever, but I’ll leave it at those for now. lol


Blue Velvet– uh seriously? I just… I just can’t….

Hangover– it was funny enough, but it didn’t deserve the Oscar buzz that so many people thought it did.

Faces– I know John Cassavetes is one of the “kings” of indie film, but the 15 or 20 minute scene where the main characters were just drinking and dancing? I seriously almost stopped watching at that point.


@Kendra –
BRIGHT STAR – yess I agree. I read really good reviews (82% rotten tomatoes)
Abbie Cornish performance was really good. Other than that it is the slowest most boring romance I’ve ever seen on screen.
I didn’t care when he died at the end either.


Avatar-Didn’t watch in theaters. Never wanted to watch it but my brother mentioned. Watched it with my brother he barely paid any attention. Since I didn’t experience the film in the theaters the “amazing special effects” were lost in me. All I was left was an run of the mill and too long story. I thought Toy Story 3 was just as adventurous but shorter.

Napolean Dynamite-Terrible. People keep telling me that if I like The Office I would like it. Well I love The Office and I still hated the movie. Plot less, just a series of things. Not funny.

Thought Half Nelson was boring. I preferred Lars and the Real Girl.

Wall-E. Didn’t pay too much attention. Up. I’m sure I could have liked it. But I didn’t pay enough attention to it.

Ghost World-I thought the actresses were miscast. They should have gotten actresses who are masters at deadpan and dry humor. Thora and Scarlett didn’t do it for me. Plus the dialouge, without the proper actors, was just too wannabe edgy or whatever.

Bright Star-So boring. I was not invested in the love story at all. I was bored from the beginning but I hoped it would get more interesting and it didn’t. It felt like Abbie was in the wrong film/wrong era. And the death at the end I felt nothing.

The King’s Speech-Not as amazing as they made it out to be. Nice, little underdog story but nothing terribly original. Colin was good with his stuttering but the film itself was pretty slow.

Dreamgirls-Thought it was boring.

Probably a million others that I’m forgetting. I did enjoy Inception though. Quite a bit.


You opened up a can of worms… Where to start… there are so many :)

Crash… I can’t except that Dillion’s char who is a racist, sexist and rapist is suppose to the be the hero? Get the f**K outta here. Loved Thandie, hated this movie. Way too many stereotypical biases to be the epitome of films about racism. Please

Most comic book film sequels (comic bk films in general). I tried to hold onto to Xmen and Spiderman, but the sequels killed it.

Omg… I thought I was the only one who did not get The Hangover. It was stupid.

Saw the first Harry Potter–feel asleep… haven’t seen one since.

Blair witch project… what was that about again–wasn’t interesting.

James Madison

Agreed on Avatar. It was not all that it was hyped to be.



It’s sad how badly this film is overrated by fans that like to kiss James Cameron’s ass and the Academy.

Have we seen this type of film before? Dozens of times.

Does it have great special effects? That’s about all it has that’s great.

Is it James Cameron’s masterpiece? Not by a longshot.

Is it the most well acted film of 2009? Hell no.

Does it have a good cast? Yes, and a badly wasted one at that.

Is it an entertaining film? No.

Is it a predictable movie? Yes, especially the finale.

Did James Cameron admit he’s not a good writer? Yes.

Was he right? More than he thinks.

What score does it deserve? 4/10

Long Weekend

Forgive me, but I didn’t really enjoy this film very much. I watched the documentary “Not Quite Hollywood” and saw folks like Quentin Tarantino gushing all over the film like it’s a lost masterpiece, but I don’t know what they saw in it. The characters are bland Australian stereotypes, all they do is whine and whine and whine, plus they’re just unsympathetic jerks that mistreat nature and wind up getting their comeuppance in the end when nature seems to strike back(It’s a fantasy). This could’ve been the subject of a great movie, but instead, it’s a forgettable excursion that is only saved from mediocrity by solid direction and cinematography, but that just isn’t enough to carry it beyond its strong social commentary. This type of subject would later be handled much better in the first two “Evil Dead” movies, stick with those.

The Birth of A Nation

When a movie is based on a true story, it has to be as accurate as possible in order for it to be a good movie and good story, the first half of Birth Of A Nation is good but the second half is racist trash. I don’t even like using the word “racist”, but when it comes to this film, it’s the only word to describe it. This film is awful and could never be appreciated today unless you are blind to what it depicts, I know that this was the very first Hollywood motion picture and was revolutionary but that doesn’t keep it from being racist trash. People like to bash “Do The Right Thing” for being racist, so I’m bashing this for the same reason. I highly recommend Oscar Micheaux’s masterpiece “Within Our Gates”(his response to Griffith’s “Birth Of A Nation”), it tells a way better story and shows things how they really were. It was in fact white men that raped their black female slaves, not the other way around, this trash earns a 1 from me. Watch either American History X or Within Our Gates because they’re actually anti-racist and tell far better and more believable stories.


I’d have to say The Hangover, A Single Man – (nominated for an Oscar..I had to shut it off -BORE!)
The Dark Knight – maybe it’s just not my type of movie but I didn’t care.
Love Jones – it was a cute movie, I liked the style and what they were trying to do but i wanted to like it more. Plus, I didn’t think it was that romantic. He let her go for a long time. I didn’t get that. I liked The Best Man, in love and Basketball a lot more.
I did love The English Patient – one of my favorites because it is so passionate! I want passion!! :-) I would like to see a black film where the man screams out and walks through a desert for days to find a black woman and felt the way Ralph Fiennes did about “Catherine” in his dying bed. What’s wrong with that?


Frozen River – half the movie was in the dark. Wtf?

Hangover I and II – just not funny. Watched both surrounded by college kids and they barely chuckled.

You Can Count On Me – Fell asleep each of 3 attempts to watch this.

Winter’s Bone – A girl runs from house to house “Where’s my daddy?” “He ain’t here” repeat, repeat, repeat. “Oh he’s dead, come get his hands”. Errrr?

Precious – Worse movie depicting African-Americans ever made, maybe even worse than Birth of a Nation. Made Tyler Perry seem tolerable…almost.


Paranormal Activity: Just… why?
Pineapple Express: Shambling Incoherent tedious mess

Nolan product post Memento.
Prestige: Predictable
Insomnia: Dull
Batman Begins: Meh
Dark Knight: Leaden & Obvious
Inception: Emotionally unengaging with vast chunks of expository dialogue that I never want in my head again. .

28 Grams. A chore. A real chore.

However I will defend Alien3 and its unlikeable characters forever.


The hangover — a supposedly hilarious comedy I sat 1 hr and 45 minutes through and laughed only once.

I’ll have to agree about the English Patient…way too long and paced too slow to the point I didn’t really give a shit by the end.

And the ultimate “cult classic” too hyped movie: Boondock Saints!


I agree with you on Shutter Island (AKA Scorsese Running on Fumes) but my list is WAAAY to long. here’s a few off the top of my head

love jones
Benjamin Button
ALL of the Harry Potter movies
Spider Man I, II and II
Iron Man I and II (Perhaps most superhero movies as well in general except for Nolan’s Batman films)

I could go on and on and on and on….


Cold Mountain – I just didn’t like.

The English Patient – yeah.

Napolean Dynamite – uh, yeah.

any Guy Ritchie feature – ANY.

Titanic – sorry Leo, but this movie was SO BAD.


BlaxRool, this isn’t a restricted list. My two examples are films from last year.


“Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives” – was nowhere near as great as the critics made it out to be. I like other films by the filmmaker but this one was rather flat. Why did the critics love it so much? Not sure, really.


How can we discuss a film you haven’t seen yet? Watch the whole thing first!

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