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Spectacular Breasts, I Mean, Brooklyn Decker Joins ‘What To Expect When You’re Expecting’

Spectacular Breasts, I Mean, Brooklyn Decker Joins 'What To Expect When You're Expecting'

Where do we start with this story? The fact that this a movie based on a pregnancy book? Or maybe the fact that for model-turned-actress Brooklyn Decker, it’s another role where she plays a character with a name that is either male and/or sounds like a something given to an automobile. Maybe we’ll start there.

Lionsgate has announced that Decker will play the role of Skyler (name alert!), a relentlessly perky woman who is married to an older man and pisses off her friends because she flies through her pregnancy with twins with ease. Which leads us to ask: what kind of assholes are her friends? Anyway, in addition to play Skyler, Brooklyn will play Sam in “Battleship,” took on the role of Palmer in “Just Go With It” and has played guest spots as Lexie and Job in “Ugly Betty” and “Chuck,” respectively. Can’t someone get this girl a role where she plays a Jennifer or a Karen or a Julie?

Anyway, she joins Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez (looks like those previous reports about Isla Fisher were erroneous) in the Kirk Jones-directed movie that unfolds not unlike “Love Actually,” except it will track four different couples on the path to having a baby. The movie will ambitiously head into theaters on May 11, 2012 opposite Sacha Baron Cohen‘s “The Dictator” and Tim Burton‘s “Dark Shadows.” It’s either smart counter-programming or a suicide mission…guess we’ll find out soon… [via ComingSoon]

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i’ve seen her bare boobs and i like it. too bad her nipples are tiny though. why can’t most big breasted women have good bite-sized nipples too? ah well…

Navin Sir

Toooo hot!!!!!!!

eve shebang

THe thing about the Seinfeld quote: “They’re real and they’re spectacular” is that the actress who plays and delivers that line, well, her breast seems to be anything but….She looks rather flat chested and the costume designer and/or Ex-Prod didn’t dare show too much cleavage, I guess they wanted to leave something to imagination. But for most cognoscenti, actress shd have delivered a bit more on that front…


@Marko wow, you have seen some pretty god-like tits, man?


Meh. Those tits aren’t THAT spectacular.


@Sean: Sorry I missed your sarcasm. It’s hard to read tone in these posts.

@ zxcvb: While I admit that indiewire posts can be pretty trashy and their incessant focus on box office numbers is off-putting and detrimental to the art form, this post sinks to a new low, when the bar is already nearly on the floor. Could a more worthy actress be found for what is sure to be a worthless movie? Maybe. I’m unfamiliar with Decker’s work, so I’m unfamiliar with her abilities (or inabilities). Either way, it doesn’t change the fact that this “article” is lame and wrong-headed and certainly isn’t calling anyone in Hollywood out. The author doesn’t seem to offer any insight or make any comment on the fact that she is undeserving of the role. He just excitedly touts her body parts and laments the fact that she keeps being cast in roles whose characters have “male” and/or “automobile” names. That’s hardly “calling a spade a spade” as you put it and hardly deserving of being posted on a prominent film business website. Maybe the author should take his talents to TMZ or Perez Hilton.


What glorious tits


Yeah, how dare The Playlist “trash up” Indiewire’s sacred coverage of Chris Rock rom-coms and box office numbers!

It’s nice to see a spade called a spade every now and then. Whenever someone like Decker gets cast in a movie, it takes a role away from an actual talented actress who has something to offer beyond boobs.


That’s the last time i try using sarcasm on the internet. At least without having to be completely obvious about it.


i seriously can’t believe that title made it to post. someone left their Indiewire account unattended at school.


What a truly moronic post. From the title right through to the incredibly inane observation about the character names Decker has been assigned, this is pure stupidity. Thanks for trashing up Indiewire with it. I am glad though, that you found your target reader in the 12 year old Sean who has expressed his praise herein.

Katie Walsh

Yes. Hooray, Sean, hooray indeed.


Hooray for nice big boobs.

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