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SPOILER ALERT! Don’t Read This If You Don’t Want To Know What Happens In “X-Men: First Class”

SPOILER ALERT! Don't Read This If You Don't Want To Know What Happens In "X-Men: First Class"

Having already seen the much anticipated X-Men: First Class , which I’m sure many will like (I know it must be a generational thing, but I still don’t get these comic book movies. I stopped reading them when I was 12).

You know that Edi Gathegi is in the film as one of the X-Men who calls himself Darwin (though he’s basically absent from all the ads and promotional material for the film… Hmmm). His special ability is that he can physically change his body to adapt to anything.

Now that has all sorts of possibilities for his character, and could be a major hero in the film, maybe even saving the day and all of mankind. Nah. Are you kidding? Don’t get your hopes up.

He’s not in that many scenes and since he’s the only brother in the film what do you think happens? Aw go ahead… take a guess.

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*side-eye to the writers*

I want to be surprised. I SHOULD BE surprised, but alas, I am not.

I’d be interested to know ‘how’ it happens… Over-exertion, overuse and abuse of his powers?

Hmmm. I’ve got a list of flicks to go see when they premiere and another list to catch-up on (and/or just wait and rent). This might become one of the latter. Truth be told, not all that enamored of the XMen saga, but Fassbender…FASSBENDERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

:P lol

E Forde

When they screened this last week fs a friend of mine said the same thing.


he dies?

i am kinda surprised at that because in the comic books he is still alive and besides his back story is way different to this film version

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