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Steven Spielberg & Screenwriter Mark Protosevich Discussing A Return Visit To ‘Jurassic Park’

Steven Spielberg & Screenwriter Mark Protosevich Discussing A Return Visit To 'Jurassic Park'

But first, a fairy tale…

There was a script. It was for “Jurassic Park IV.” It was written by John Sayles and “The Departed” Oscar winner William Monahan. It featured crossbred attack dinosaurs with body armor running recon missions for the government. It was never produced. Since word circulated that this script exists, Universal has released “Evan Almighty,” “Land Of The Lost,” “Skyline” and “Little Fockers.” Clearly we are a worse movie culture without this version of “Jurassic Park IV.”

It appears as if that idea has died, but “Jurassic Park IV” lives on, as Steven Spielberg and screenwriter Mark Protosevich (“I Am Legend“) have been meeting to discuss prospective dino sequels. The duo had been linked previously to a remake of “Oldboy” with Will Smith attached (that thankfully never got off the ground) though it should have seemed clear that project would not feature crossbred attack dinosaurs in body armor. Franchise-hungry Universal is likely hot on this idea, and why shouldn’t they be? “Jurassic Park III,” a mostly-forgettable rehash of the first two films, made $386 million worldwide a decade ago, and with sufficient distance between now and then, a 3D-ified dino rampage sequel would no doubt be a bonafide hit.

Universal has released notice that there is currently no screenwriter aboard “Jurassic Park IV,” but that didn’t stop the last installment, which was penned by Alexander Payne and Jim Taylor and was not only terrible, but genuinely didn’t have an ending. And of course no one has mentioned what the story would concern, as there were only two “Jurassic Park” novels from which to draw inspiration, with original author Michael Crichton passing away a few years ago. While the law of diminishing returns is in effect, there is absolutely no reason why there shouldn’t be another Spielberg-produced “Jurassic Park” hitting theaters in the next few years.

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Unknown, I imagine your idea of a good time is watching a five hour silent movie. But for the rest of us, DINO MERCENARIES FUCK YES. YESSSSSSS. MAKE IT HAPPEN SPIELBERG.



I re-watched all 3 recently and was struck buy how it just doesn’t come close to comparing to the first two. The main problem is there are no human antagonists – in JP1 you had Nedry/Newman messing with things. JP2 had a whole team of hunters after dinosaurs. JP3 is just one group of dummies running from monsters and lying to each other.

Plus the Joe Johnson direction is clumsy and pedestrian compared to Spielberg’s… no JP3 is truly shameful. Bring on the dino-mercs.


I kinda’ want to see the dinos in battle armor movie. It could be like how the military has trained animals to help them in war (like the dogs that helped take down bin Laden… With those titanium teeth). Oh imagine raptors in like the Middle East takinng down terrorists… So tacky but sounds so awesome!


I can’t believe some of you baffoons actually want some absurd Dino-super-soldiers film. Thank God, the public isn’t in control films because films would be more f***ed up than ever. Hell, the industry would shut down. Anyways, Dino-super-soldier isn’t what Jurassic Park is about by any means & I’m glad that whole idea has been forgotten because it would have been dreadfully terrible just like the whole T-Rex in San Diego thing which Spielberg has stated he regretted doing after seeing it. We will see what Spielberg & Protosevich come up with for JP4 if it even comes to fruition. I mean this is all just talk between these two.

P.S. JP3 wasn’t terrible. Hell, that’s pretty harsh to be frank. The problem with JP3 is it just didn’t carry any significants with the other two films. The film overall was more mediocre then anything but if that film is terrible to you then you clearly haven’t seen many films by any stretch.


It’s been too long since the shitty third one.
And the only way they could save themselves is if they bring up politics and religious aspects of bringing back dinosaurs. And maybe keep some continuity since they decided to sweep the whole plot line that a fuckin T-Rex was in San Diego, fuckin’ it up, under the rug.

fanny bunz

fuck that – bring back the dino-super-soldiers. why not? can’t be any worse than the Green Lantern.


If you all wanna see this trained dinos in armor movie you should just go watch Future War. Cyborg bounty hunters from the future with Velociraptor slave trackers from the past searching for a man who somehow ends up in our time and befriends a nun who’s also a prostitute. Well, you’re better off watching the MST3K version.

Edward Davis

I love this image.

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