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Tangi Miller Producing & Starring In Her Own Films; Premiering “Guardian Of Eden” This Weekend

Tangi Miller Producing & Starring In Her Own Films; Premiering "Guardian Of Eden" This Weekend

A double-shot of Tangi Miller today (see my earlier post on a romcom she stars in opposite Malik Yoba, titled My Girlfriend’s Back). Remember her from Felicity many moons ago?

This one, titled Guardian Of Eden, like the previous, will also be screening at the African Diaspora Film Festival in Chicago this weekend. It’ll be its world premiere actually. This one co-stars Persia White (remember her from Girlfriends?), and David Ramsey, who’s appeared in a bunch of things – most recently, Mother And Child.

Its synopsis reads: “Michael Raynar (Ramsey) is in love with his young wife and they are very happy together as well as expecting their first child. This story should end with “happily ever after” but after he meets Kimmy Sardell (Miller), he goes against his better judgment, and their one-night stand leads to irrevocable consequences.

I should note that this title, and the other profiled earlier today, are both produced by Tangi Miller. I took a look at her IMDB page and noticed that she’s actually been producing (and executive producing) a bit lately, all films she’s starred in as well, over the last 4 years, with 4 feature films made since 2007. So, clearly she’s working to package and produce projects for herself to star in.

Thus far, I haven’t been particularly impressed with any of the trailers I’ve seen, and I’m not sure how each of these films has done in the marketplace – those that have actually been released. But I think her efforts are worth highlighting, and watching from here on.

Below is the campy trailer for Guardian Of Eden:

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Jesse Lewis IV

Though YOU may respect your own opinion, could you please within your comments include links to the projects you've written, directed, and had distributed because until then you all sound like perpetual film students over 30 with no work! If not, prove me wrong! And trust me not just me ,but your viewers are waiting!


hahaha. this is what is wrong with independent black cinema. it makes it hard for real filmmakers like myself and many others who actually have an eye and a gift for the art. for artists who actually respect the craft and aren’t just looking to make a quick buck and say hey look at me. news flash… if you are an actor, and have only been cast in films you produce yourself… you are not a star.


This is trash—typical trash! Why are so many familiar faces stooping to such straight-to-video-looking projects? Actually, I know the answer to that: because they want to work. Understandable, but damn! “Guardian of Eden”—really? Who green-lit this crap? And poor Tangi Miller—considering her acting skills (or lack thereof), sadly, this offensive fluff may actually be a step-up for her. This is sad, sad and terrible. I have no interest in seeing this piece of thrown-together “urban” garbage, and I’ll make it my duty to strongly warn my loved ones (and a few choice enemies who ain’t all that bad) to avoid this embarrassment.


@ MiddleMyatt

I take it you didn’t care for the trailer. LOL!


Jesus be a 8mm camera in one hand and a script in the other.

Good looking out on her creating her own.

Gives me hope that I can do (much better) the same.


This makes me want to work harder and so appreciative of films like Yelling to the Sky, I Will Follow and the soon to be released Pariah and Gun Hill Road.

Milton Davis

I think somebody’s selling the same script to black independent film producers.

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