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Terrence Malick’s Next Film Includes ‘Breaking Bad’ Star Charles Baker (aka Skinny Pete)

Terrence Malick’s Next Film Includes ‘Breaking Bad’ Star Charles Baker (aka Skinny Pete)

Though most audiences are waiting to see Terrence Malick’s latest film “The Tree of Life” as it continues to roll out across the country, the filmmaker’s most loyal fans can’t wait to hear details about what he is working on next. In the midst of a Fort Worth Weekly feature on Texas filmmaker and producer James Johnston, it’s revealed that, Charles Baker, who plays the recurring character Skinny Pete on AMC’s “Breaking Bad,” will appear in Malick’s next, as-yet-untitled film. Baker has a varied CV to date, but Malick’s film will definitely be his biggest gig to date and may help bring “Breaking Bad” fans into the ever-growing fold of Malick obsessives.

We’ve known for some time that the film will star Ben Affleck and Rachel McAdams and it has been described as a romantic drama. Now, it looks like Baker will be joining the already impressive cast which also includes Olga Kurylenko, Javier Bardem, Barry Pepper, Rachel Weisz and Jessica Chastain. Though little else is known about the plot, word is already cropping up that it’s even more experimental and non-narrative in structure than “The Tree Of Life.” Reshoots took place this spring and so we can presume the film is in post-production, though when we’ll actually see it remains to be seen, but with the director possibly planning another feature to shoot this year perhaps he’ll get it in the can sooner rather than later.

But for now, the Palme d’Or winning “The Tree Of Life” should satsfy your appetite for a Malick film and then some. The film hit a bunch of key markets over the weekend, with more to come before it goes national on July 8th. Check out the dates right here. —Matthew Newlin

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This “Untitled Terrence Malick Project” has already finished production and now in post.

Nik Grape

Wait, so, there are plot details to Malick’s new film other than it being “more experimental and non-narrative”?

Can we possibly get some more info on that, or where we could read up on it?



Yeah, that $100 protein bar thing was clearly a crock of shit. I don’t believe such things even exist, unless they’re wrapped in pure gold or something.

Reading that Wrap story back, I wonder if the crazy experimental stuff Lubeszki hinted at will come from Affleck’s character seeing visions of a ghost. In many ways the story looks by far his most plot/character-driven since Days of Heaven, but it sounds like he is going to mash things up in the editing suite as usual.

Top marks for your Tree of Life coverage recently, dudes. Been by far the best place to come for info/opinion.

Kevin Jagernauth

Oh yeah, we’ve addressed that piece a loooong time ago (it was from last fall). We didn’t take it seriously then because a) it made Rachel Weisz’s choice of protein bars a vital part of the story and b) because as we all know, Malick isn’t one to stick rigidly to his scripts. And considering that the film is now said to even more non-narrative than “The Tree Of Life” we’re presuming Malick is going in new directions.

Jessica Chastain’s part was added in the midst of production and for all we know both she and Baker could wind up being cut.

And yeah, we clearly missed Baker at the time, his name hasn’t really cropped up since, so it’s just a fresh reminder for folks out there.


Sorry Kev, but this was revealed in the Wrap’s story that contained a lot of the plot details a few months ago. I think Baker’s character is a love rival for Affleck or something like that.

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